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    My wine career started at a hot dog stand. I worked the grill during the humid summers in Western New York rolling dogs over charcoal. I greeted customers as they arrived, shouting, “Whatcha want? Whatcha got?”— and the banter between the ‘grill man’ and customers began. I traded the grill in for fine dining when I moved to Salt Lake City. I loved the fast-paced environment on the floors of Utah’s top-rated restaurants, and made the decision to continue my training. I found I was especially motivated by the power of wine to enhance the dining experience for both the guests and myself. This passion has been greatly enhanced by my decision to become a certified Sommelier, and then an Educator with an internationally recognized program. I am pleased to take the enthusiasm that has its roots ‘behind the grill’ to the floor of bustling restaurants. As a Sommelier, I seek out epic experiences with food and wine for guests, and as the Founder and Educator of the Wine Academy of Utah, I introduce the intricacies of wine to enthusiasts and professionals alike in a fun environment. My banter of “How many dogs?” has transformed into “How about little ‘splishy splash’ to get you started tonight?”

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