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    Helping Event Planners with Salt Lake City Buses and Limousines
    Call us for a free quote 801-487-4567.  We are easy to work with. 

    Large Event Shuttles

    Safe and Reliable Event Transportation

    • Salt Palace Convention Center to hotel shuttles
    • SLC International Airport to hotels
    • Corporate tours, warehouse tours, farm tours
    • Concerts or special events
    • Rice Eccles, Lavell Edwards Stadium, and USANA Amphitheatre shuttles

    Passing All Inspections
    The Fire Marshall and State Inspector will never shut your transportation event down. 

    • Traffic planning with UDOT and alternate routing
    • Mass gathering permits, local area canvassing notice.
    • Meeting all permit requirements for restrooms, water stations, sanitation plan
    • Filing all fire safety controls and event access details
    • ADA compliance and required accessibility options
    • Local traffic permits, DOT permits, police-traffic support

    Ensuring a Successful Event
    No Worrying, No Surprises

    • Always within budget, no surprise costs, no unexpected fees
    • Backup plans for when bus companies cancel last minute or go bankrupt
    • Detailed coordination with all drivers so they know when and where to be
    • Backup transportation on standby for when buses break down
    • Drivers always have sufficient "clock time" to ensure they don't stop driving mid service
    • Coordinators to take care of driver housing and making sure they don't oversleep

    Call us for a free quote at 801-487-4567. 



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