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Tracy Aviary

Monday March 7, 2011
The Tracy Aviary is eight acres of land in the heart of Salt Lake City and it is full of BIRDS! It feels like it has to have been there for forever and it has. It has been open to the public since 1938. It is a great place to go with the kids and the price is very affordable. For adults it is $5 and for kids it is $3, not too shabby at all! When you go on a really great weather day you can spend a lot of time walking through the exhibits. There are 400 different kinds of birds and all the trees are pretty to walk through as well.

You know what I love about a lot of these Utah places that you can visit with your Visit Salt Lake Connect Pass? The staff! I love it when the staff have a passion for where they work and what they do. They can't wait to tell someone about this bird egg and these bird feathers. Kids pick up on that energy and are much more likely to be into what they are saying. Tracy Aviary has always done a great job at this.

I do love the stories with great drawings about different birds. They are very eye catching to the kids and fun to read.

Tracy Aviary is located at 589 East 1300 South in Liberty Park
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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