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'The Greatest Snow On Earth®' has been on Utah’s license plate since 1985 for a reason. With four world-class resorts within a half-hour’s drive of Salt Lake City and even more in neighboring cities, snow enthusiasts can find something for anyone. If you’re interested in experiencing the resorts, book a Ski Utah Interconnect Adventure Tour or visit Brighton Terrain Park. If it’s gear you need, get outfitted by Ski Trucks – Ski and Snowboard Warehouse. And if you want to explore the city’s other winter sports offerings, delve into the world of snowkiting with Adventure Toy Store. Salt Lake supports winter sports for every level and interest, so look no further—these four companies will help make your winter trip one to remember.

Experience Six World-class Resorts in One Day with Ski Utah Interconnect Adventure Tour
2749 E. Parleys Way, Ste. 310
(801) 534-1907

If you’re an advanced skier wanting to experience the four Salt Lake and two Park City resorts’ unique terrain and the backcountry that connects them, try the Ski Utah Interconnect Adventure Tour.


It’s not only the number of resorts that makes this tour worth it. “Our guide team is why our operation stands out and why Interconnect clients consistently finish the day with a smile,” says Luke Ratto, Website Director and Interconnect Tour Program Director. “Our guides are not only knowledgeable and steeped [in] experience, but they are just as excited for the day’s adventures.”

You can book group or private tours seven days a week from the first of the year through the end of March (depending on conditions). While group tours have two route options for differing skill and fitness levels, private tours are custom-curated routes that cater to specific needs and forecasted conditions. 

Ratto says that an average tour combines resort chair lifts, hiking and sidestepping to achieve a goal of having a fun and educational environment. “Along the way, we dip into some great terrain, discuss backcountry travel etiquette, talk about the rich mining history held by the Wasatch Mountains and highlight our favorite aspects of each resort,” he says.

Unleash your Creativity on Freestyle Terrain at Brighton Terrain Park
Brighton Resort 8302 S. Brighton Loop Rd.
(801) 532-4731

Brighton is for everyone,” says Jared Winkler, Director of Marketing at Brighton Resort. With its variety of freestyle terrain designed for beginner to advanced skiers and snowboarders, Brighton Terrain Parks are for everyone, too.

The terrain parks are a feature of the overall resort and are contiguous with its system of runs. A terrain park is similar to a skate park in that it is a designated area with rails, jibs (any feature that can be ridden, such as benches or tables) and other man- or snow-made features created for a variety of freestyle sports. Brighton’s “Diggers” make 4–5 parks every year with over 100 of these features to choose from, and Winkler says they’re constantly creating new designs to keep it challenging and fun.

Winkler adds that beyond “pushing the progression of the sport,” they aim to build “something that can appeal to everyone interested in playing on freestyle terrain.” So if you’re looking for a bonafide locals' mountain, Brighton Resort is where it’s at.

From a Chevy Pickup to a Warehouse, Ski Trucks – Ski and Snowboard Warehouse has Helped People Gear Up for More Than 50 Years
1260 W. North Temple
(801) 595-0919 & (800) 595-0919

“Skiing and snowboarding doesn’t have to be an elitist sport reserved only for the wealthy,” says Monte White, owner of Ski Trucks – Ski and Snowboard Warehouse. With its mission of making winter sports more affordable and accessible, you’re bound to find the gear you’re looking for at Ski Trucks.

“As a full-service ski and snowboard shop, we carry everything ski and snowboard-related you could imagine …” White says. “We get a lot of families who come through our doors and the look of relief when they realize they can outfit their kids (and themselves!) affordably is priceless.”

This small family-owned-and-operated business began 50 years ago as White’s father traveled from town to town selling skis from the back of his truck. Now, the 25,000-square-foot warehouse is staffed with avid skiers and snowboarders who are “passionate about Utah snow.” They’ll assist you with buying either new or used equipment and offer daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal renting options.

In the end, White says they’re not trying to sell you gear that you don’t need and at prices you can’t afford. Instead, Ski Trucks aims to sell you “gear that’s tailored to [your] ability, style, long-term skiing and riding goals, and, more importantly, [your] budget.”

Delve into the World of Snowkiting with Adventure Toy Store
12665 Minuteman Dr., #1
(801) 576-6460

“Flying on snow!” That’s how Steve Mayer, owner and founder of Cloud 9 Paragliding and Adventure Toy Store, describes snowkiting. Even if you’ve never heard of this sport—where a kite pulls you on skis or a snowboard—Utah is a snowkiting mecca because of the accessibility from Salt Lake alongside various environmental factors.

Mayer says the sport might appeal to anyone with snowboarding or skiing experience, though it can be learned without. However, he says having some level of athleticism, common sense and the right kind of equipment are essential—and that’s where Adventure Toy Store comes in. The shop offers everything you need, including trainer kites for beginners.

Ultimately, he says, “Snowkiting is just another way to enjoy Utah’s wonder. Skiing at a resort is epic, but having your own personal lift is something that you have to experience to understand. We can go virtually anywhere, uphill, downhill, across lakes—endless power runs all using the power of the wind.”

If you’re not sure how to begin, Mayer says the staff is excited to share their love for snowkiting and will happily provide advice on training, give information about where to go or invite you to join them.