Beekeeper Daniel Adesina Oduntan and Bee-Craft Consult

Adesina Daniel Oduntan is an expert beekeeper who runs a unique Salt Lake business - Bee-Craft Consult. Daniel brought his business to Utah from Nigeria and has found great success here amongst the friendly locals. As a university agriculture student, Daniel decided that he was going to be…

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Best Outdoor Concert Venues in Salt Lake

Listening to a sweet melody while swaying in unison to that warm summer breeze–that’s what we call a pure, unfettered moment. Now that concert venues have opened up and all that cheerful sunshine is here to stay, we can have more of those moments. No more isolated nights with just the TV as our only…

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Egypt: The Time of Pharaoh - Natural History Museum of Utah

Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs Now Open at Natural History Museum of Utah

Come visit the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) and take a journey back 5,000 years ago along the River Nile to one of the most advanced ancient civilizations in Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs. Now open to the public, the latest special exhibit at NHMU guides visitors through the fascinating and…

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