Posts From: April 2022

Tyler Glenn and LoveLoud

Meeting the Neon Trees' front man, Tyler Glenn, is an exceptional experience. He is soft spoken and thoughtful, and yet he communicates powerfully his passion for helping LGBTQ youth. When his friend, Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons, called him about his idea to put on a concert to support, affirm…

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Spring Festivals in Salt Lake

Festivals are back! Here in Salt Lake, there's a festival for everyone - it's a great time to try not just something familiar but also something new. Check out some of the best festival happenings below. Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival April 8-May 7 (closed Sundays) - Ashton Gardens at…

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Salt Lake Pass Options

Salt Lake is filled to the brim with things to do, see and savor—from food and brews with a twist, to enthralling entertainment for all ages. Deciding what to do can feel overwhelming, but Salt Lake has made adventuring easy. Visitors can choose from the Salt Lake Connect Attractions Pass or the…

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