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  • Kaitlin Eskelson Photo

    Kaitlin Eskelson

    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Kelly Ware

    Kelly Ware

    Executive Assistant

Travel Trade

  • Michael Mack

    Michael Mack

    Director of Travel Trade & Strategic Partnerships


  • Cliff Doner Headshot

    Clifford Doner

    Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve Gertsch

    Steve Gertsch

    Director of Operations & Finance
  • Tammie Wallace

    Tammie Wallace

  • Todd Griffiths

    Todd Griffiths

    Accounting Clerk


  • Mark White Headshot October 2018

    Mark H. White, MBA, CDME

    Senior Vice President of Sales & Services
  • Tyson Lybbert

    Tyson Lybbert

    Managing Director of Sales
  • Eddie Canaday, CHSP, CHME

    Eddie Canaday, CHSP, CHME

    Director of Convention Sales, Washington D.C. Office, Diversity Market Development Director
  • Jeff Gassaway

    Jeff Gassaway

    Director of Convention Sales, Chicago, IL Office
  • Karen Staples, CMP, CASE

    Karen Staples, CMP, CASE

    Director of Convention Sales, Norwich, CT Office
  • Todd J. Ness

    Todd J. Ness

    Director of Convention Sales, B2B Trade Shows, & Corporate, 1501+ Attendees
  • Chris Peterson

    Chris Peterson

    Director of Convention Sales, Scientific, Technical, Engineering, Religious, 1501+ Attendees
  • Sally Tilson O'Neill

    Sally Tilson O'Neill

    Director of Convention Sales, Health, Medical, Public Admin., Legal, & Gov't, 1501+ Attendees
  • Elke Opsahl

    Elke Opsahl

    Director of Convention Sales, Education, Cultural, Fraternal, Social Welfare, Trade/Business/Commercial, 1501+ Attendees
  • Diane Utley

    Diane Utley

    National Sales Director, Western Region Single Hotel/Resort Meetings, 201-1500 Attendees
  • Troy Rushton Headshot 2020

    Troy Rushton

    National Sales Manager, Central Region Single Hotel/Resort Meetings, 201-1500 Attendees
  • Devan Hamilton

    Devan Hamilton

    National Sales Manager, Eastern Region, Single Hotel/Resort Meetings, 201-1500 Attendees
  • Clay Partain

    Clay Partain, STS

    Managing Director, Sports Salt Lake
  • Chris Robinson

    Chris Robinson, STS

    Sports Sales Manager, Sports Salt Lake Manager of Tourism and Sports, South Valley Chamber
  • Allison Chappell

    Allison Chappell

    Director of Research & Analytics
  • Kylie Wilson

    Kylie W. Omer

    Sales Administrative Assistant
  • Caryn Bradshaw

    Caryn Bradshaw

    Convention District Sales Manager


  • Mark White Headshot October 2018

    Mark H. White, MBA, CDME

    Senior Vice President of Sales & Services
  • Julie Rhoads Headshot 2019

    Julie Rhoads

    Managing Director of Services & Events
  • Caryn Bradshaw

    Caryn Bradshaw

    Convention Services Manager
  • Jannika Miller

    Jannika Miller

    Graphic Design Manager
  • Dusty Allred

    Dusty Allred

    Convention Services Assistant


  • Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson

    Vice President of Marketing
  • Sean Buckley

    Sean Buckley

    Director of Creative & Content Services
  • Jessica Chindgren

    Jessica Chindgren

    Director of Digital & Interactive Marketing
  • Katie Van Riper

    Katie Van Riper

    Director of Experiential Marketing & Operations
  • Kristin Hiester Headshot

    Kristen Hiester

    Meetings & Conventions Marketing Manager
  • Samantha Hill Headshot

    Samantha Hill

    Digital Asset Manager
  • Miranda Maisto Headshot 1018

    Miranda Maisto

    Ticket Systems & Experiential Operations Manager
  • Photo of Kimberly Dalby

    Kimberly Dalby

    Web Consultant
  • Maclaine Kuehn Headshot

    Maclaine Kuehn

    Social Media Manager
  • Kate Forth Headshot

    Kate Forth

    Guest Services & Ticket Systems Assistant


  • Karen Boe

    Karen Boe

    Vice President of Communications & Public Relations
  • Shawn Stinson

    Shawn Stinson

    Director of Media & Communications

Partner Development

  • Judy Cullen

    Judy Cullen

    Vice President of Community & Partner Development
  • Elizabeth Brown

    Elizabeth Brown

    Director of Partner Engagement
  • Cristina Chavez

    Cristina Chavez

    Membership Development Manager
  • blank headshot

    Tara Haskins

    Sponsorship & Membership Coordinator

Visitor Services

  • Bill Krause

    Bill Krause

    Director of Hospitality & Visitor Services