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The Super Pass is your golden ticket to everything Ski City has to offer. With a Super Pass in hand, you save on direct-to-lift access to the resort(s) of your choosing—Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, and Solitude. This means no lift-ticket windows and more freedom to ski it all. You’ll also save up to 40% on ski rentals. When the ski day is over, your Super Pass gets you a free ride on TRAX light rail and UTA ski buses, so you can transition seamlessly to the city’s après scene.

Rocket Fuel


    • Pass can be used at any Ski City resort: Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, or Solitude.
    • Pass may only be used at one resort per day, with the exception of Brighton and Solitude, which can be skied on the same day.
    • Purchase anywhere from 3 to 10 days of skiing; 1- and 2-day Super Passes may be purchased as part of certain hotel packages.
    • Pass may be activated any time during the 2014-2015 ski season.
    • Pass is activated on the first day of use and must be used within a 14-day window.
    • Pass will expire if not activated within the 2014-2015 ski season.
    • Pass is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


        • The more days you ski, the better the savings.
        • It’s an easy and inexpensive way to experience every resort.
        • Ski where you want, when you want.
        • No blackouts: the Super Pass is valid any day during the 2014-2015 season.
        • Direct-to-lift accessibility: no need to visit the ticket window.
        • Free transportation to and from resorts on UTA ski buses and TRAX light rail.
        • Equipment rental discounts starting at 20% off at participating resort rental locations.


            Days   Per-Day Price
              blank spacer Adult Pass Junior Pass
            (7-12 yrs)
            blank spacer
                 3 - 4 days blank spacer $76.00 per day $39.50 per day blank spacer
                 5 - 6 days blank spacer $74.00 per day $37.50 per day blank spacer
                 7 - 10 days blank spacer $72.00 per day $35.50 per day blank spacer


              1 Adult   Super Pass Ticket Window* Per-Person Savings
                3-Day Super Pass   $228.00 $274.50 $46.50
                4-Day Super Pass
              $304.00 $366.00 $62.00
                5-Day Super Pass
              $370.00 $457.50 $87.50
                6-Day Super Pass   $444.00 $549.00 $105.00
                7-Day Super Pass   $504.00 $640.50 $136.50
                8-Day Super Pass   $576.00 $732.00 $156.00
                9-Day Super Pass   $648.00 $823.50 $175.50
                10-Day Super Pass   $690.00 $915.00 $225.00

            *Average of 4 resorts, plus round-trip UTA transportation each day.


            You can use the Ski City Super Pass any day of the 2014-2015 season. The Super Pass works at the following four resorts, and acts as the following tickets at each resort:

              • Alta Ski Area: an Alta Area Day Ticket.
              • Brighton Resort: a Brighton Super Day Ticket, 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (When night skiing is not available, day hours end at 4 p.m.)
              • Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort: a Snowbird Tram & Chair Day Ticket.
              • Solitude Mountain Resort: a Solitude Day Ticket.


                The Ski City Super Pass includes round-trip travel on all UTA ski buses and TRAX light rail to and from the resorts. For route information call 1-888-743-3882 or visit UTA's ski service page.

                Ski Salt Lake Valley Map

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                TAP-ON, TAP-OFF SUPER PASS

                To gain free access on UTA ski buses and TRAX light rail, simply tap your Super Pass on the electronic reader located at any door of a ski bus or on a TRAX platform. Then tap off your Super Pass on any reader as you exit the bus or train platform to validate your fare. Your Super Pass will be valid for free transportation for the amount of skiing days you have purchased

                DISCOUNT RENTALS

                Use your Super Pass to get 20 - 40% off equipment rental at the following resort rental shops:

                Alta Ski Area: Alta Ski Shop - 20% off

                Brighton Resort: Brighton Rental Shop - 20% off

                Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort: Creekside Sports Rentals - 40% off

                Solitude Mountain Resort: Moonbeam Rentals, Powderhorn Rentals - 20% off

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                Still have questions? Visit the Super Pass FAQs page.

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