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Social Media Hub

One place for many voices. For larger conventions, it's important to get more than just your voice out there.  Build excitement—and attendance—for your event when you get other people talking about it. Every stakeholder with a vested interest in the success of your event can benefit from participating in the online conversations surrounding your event. This includes exhibitors, industry thought leaders, bloggers, publications, vendors, speakers, presenters, area businesses, and your organization. That's why Visit Salt Lake has the Social Media Hub.

The Details:

  • Everything is opt-in People who don't wish to participate won't be bombarded with info they don't want.
  • We build the tool for you at no charge. Available for city-wide conventions.
  • Minimal Maintenance or Moderation After you invite stakeholders to participate their content automatically flows to the hub.
  • Continuing value Once built, the hub is yours to keep. The conversations and relationships continue, supporting your next event and other marketing efforts.
  • Greater reach for participants For Exibitors and vendors, relationships can begin well ahead of the event, and continue after.
  • Attendee connections Those interested in making connections with industry peers or locals can initiate conversations through social media before the event to make their time during the event more fun and productive.
  • The "Cool" factor Social media is here to stay and makes greater in-roads every day. Connecting your event to dynamic social content lets technologically connected attendees and stakeholders know that you understand the social dynamic of the future.
  • How It Works

  • We build the tool, incorporating your brand
  • We show you how to use the tool. Don't worry, it's very simple and we'll help!
  • You identify and invite stakeholders to participate
  • After your event, if you want to keep using it, we turn the tool over to you
  • See it in Action

    Check out these pages to see this tool in action:
    ISMRM | USANA | Outdoor Retailer | Novell BrainShare

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    This tool is available to city-wide conventions.

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