Interior of the Indoor Arena at Salt Lake County Equestrian Park
The Indoor Arena at The Equestrian Park


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Booking & Rental Policies

In addition to the specific event planning policies below, there are policies at the Equestrian Center that affect everyone who uses the facility: events, spectators, riders, boarders.

General Park Policies

Booking and Rental Policy


This policy establishes practices and procedures for reserving space and/or facility use at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, including the Event Center and the Laurel Brown Racetrack. The goal for Equestrian Park booking and scheduling is to achieve a balance between equine and non-equine shows and events. The Equestrian Park Sales Manager is responsible for booking shows and events to most effectively meet the park’s program and revenue goals.

The following priorities will apply to scheduling shows and events at the Equestrian Park facilities:

  • First consideration will be given to national, state or regional equine and/or non-equine shows, trade shows, meetings and similar events that book multiple days and generate significant attendance and revenue.
  • Second consideration will be given to multiple-day, annual or repeat equine and non-equine shows, trade shows, meetings and similar events that do not generate attendance and revenue levels comparable to those defined in this policy.
  • Third consideration will be given to one-time, multiple-day shows, trade shows, meetings and similar events that utilize a significant allocation of space and/or facilities.
  • Fourth consideration will be given one-time, daylong shows, trade shows, meetings and similar events.

Booking – the process of identifying and recording a date and time on the events calendar to reserve space at an Equestrian Park facility for a show or event.

Bumping – the process of moving or removing past, present or future events and shows from their scheduled date(s) and time(s) to preferentially place different events or shows in their stead.

Events Calendar – a listing of firm reservations for the Equestrian Park facilities.

Facility – a collective term that includes all buildings, halls, meeting rooms, grounds and parking facilities pertaining, but not limited, to the polo field, the Laurel Brown Racetrack, the Event Center, outdoor arenas, the Sheriff Posse Building, Operations and stalls, located at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park, and managed by SMG.

Firm Reservation – a reservation that includes all deposits and completed show checklist(s).

Hourly Events – four-hour time increments that may be booked based on availability.

Monthly Scheduling Calendar – a monthly record of facility reservations maintained by the Equestrian Park Office.

Show Checklist – a form furnished by the Equestrian Park to a patron (lessee) and completed by the lessee and the Event Manager that identifies the time(s), date(s), show needs and associated costs for the lessee’s show or event at the park.

Tentative Reservation – a completed Request for Space form, received by the Equestrian Park Office, indicating the date(s), time(s) and space rental(s) for a show or event, however lacking deposits and initiated checklist(s).


Applicants making reservations (bookings) for Equestrian Park facilities must meet with the Equestrian Park Sales Manager. New bookings for each calendar year may be made and secured with payment of applicable deposit(s). Refunds will not be made on booking deposits. Bookings are made on a first-come, first served basis, with exception of first right of refusal, as noted below.

Yearly renewals of current events are handled by the Event Manager. Bookings can be made and secured three years in advance with payment of applicable deposits and if the event meets booking guidelines. Dates are not secured without the Event Manager receiving a Request for Space form from the Lessee and the accompanying deposits. Yearly renewals that meet the booking guidelines are given first right of refusal to their previous year booking dates. Failure to comply with applicable deadlines and deposit payments forfeits a lessee’s provision to first right of refusal.

Booking confirmations are due to the Equestrian Park Sales Manager a minimum of ninety (90) days prior to the event, accompanied by a detailed event plan no less than thirty (30) days before the event.

Bookings are considered tentative and not final and firm until the deposits have been received and receipted, all contractual agreements have been initiated and signed by the lessee – or representative – and show checklists have been completed by the lessee – or representative – and the Sales Manager.

An events calendar, in both monthly and annual formats, will be maintained by the Equestrian Park for public review at the Park, on the Park’s Facebook page and web site.


Hourly bookings are available in four hour increments. Shows/events running over four hours will be charged the daily rate. All events paying hourly can be pre-empted by event bookings.

Deposits are required for booking the first and last night in a series of hourly time slots. Deposits are non-refundable. Hourly booking holders will be given seven (7) days advance notice of events that conflict with pre-booked, hourly time slots.

Facility users will ensure the appropriate behavior of their club, organization or group members. They are to comply with all state, local and Equestrian Park rules, regulations and policies. Lack of observance or violation of applicable rules, regulations and policies will result in forfeiture of facility use for a minimum of one (1) year.

10 p.m. is the curfew for hourly bookings unless, with 24 hours advanced notice, an extension is pre-approved by the Event Manager. Events taking place after 10:00 p.m., may be charged for staff time needed to be present at the event.


Firm reservation dates may be moved only upon consent and agreement of the Equestrian Park Director and the affected show or group representative.

Event bookings may displace hourly bookings and hourly bookings may displace scheduled or unscheduled Open Ride times.

New event bookings may displace scheduled events even if the new events have multiple event dates and/or present a significant financial benefit and revenue-generating potential to the Equestrian Park.

Established notification protocol will be followed regarding schedules and events. Rebooking and rescheduling will be done in a manner to accommodate the affected parties.


Specific payment terms and deposits are included in the Use License Agreement.

An Event Settlement Sheet summarizing rent and any additional charges, along with an invoice, is prepared after each event. Final payment is due upon receipt of invoice. If payments are made using a credit card (VISA, American Express or MasterCard only) a 3.5% convenience fee will be added to the final billing.

The facility reserves the right to request payment in advance for estimated additional costs beyond minimum rental.

Services and facilities included in basic rental:

  • General event center lighting, and heat and/or air conditioning on show days
  • Cleaning of public areas
  • Basic dirt (footing) preparation

Available services not included in basic rental:

  • Show management electrical service
  • Audio-visual equipment, such as speakers in the arenas
  • Compressed air, natural gas, water and drainage service
  • Janitorial and cleaning
  • Trash hauling
  • Insurance
  • Security or police officer services
  • EMT services
  • Fire inspector services
  • Usher and/or ticket taking services
  • Box office services
  • Ticket booth rental
  • Additional equipment usage
  • Arena set-up, including panel removal and replacement
  • Floor installation
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Additional footing preparation (beyond basic)
  • Shavings (bulk and bagged)
  • Show stalls
  • Special facilities or services