Barns at the Salt Lake County Equestrian Park



The Equestrian Park offers overnight accommodations and monthly rentals. Both are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. The park has 300 stalls in three different barns. If you are part of a horse show or other equestrian event, there are an additional 306 stalls available for boarding horses during events.

Find out more about boarding and the amenities available at the Equestrian Center, such as tack rooms, hay storage and paddocks. Additionally, there are sections on trailer rental space, our policies and sale of property.

Download a PDF of our Boarding Guide 


Reserving Space & Amenities

Find out about the spaces and amenities available and how to reserve them.


Park Equipment and Structures

Learn more about scheduling heavy equipment operators in the Park and find out how to request repairs to your rental property.


Sale of Equipment, Property & Goods

Details on who owns what and what the Equestrian Park sells. (Yes, they have manure!)


Care of Horses

A guide to the responsibilities of owners and boarders at the park.


Financial Information

Details on payments, collections and liens.


Boarding Rates

Find out how much it costs to board your horse at the Equestrian Center and check out a sample lease agreement.


Park Policies

Understand all the policies that affect you as a rider and boarder at the Equestrian Park.