Personal Protective Equipment 

Covid-19 Yellow/Orange Risk Operating Guidelines & Procedures

Face Mask Usage: 

The use of a face mask in and out of The Salt Palace Convention Center is highly advised. All facility employees have been instructed to utilize a face mask in any situation where social distancing is not feasible, as well as within the public facing areas of the facility. While we can not mandate face mask usage to event attendees, an event has every right to require face mask usage within their contracted space. If an event determines face mask usage to be an essential part of a safe gathering, we provide them the right to restrict access to their contracted space. As a general rule we encourage the use of face masks, and our entrance signage makes note of this recommendation. Please note that no face masks will be provided to an event by the facility. 

Gloves & Other Forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Unlike face masks, the use of gloves and other forms of PPE are to only be utilized if there is a direct need. This may include the use of gloves for activities that involve; cleaning, cash handling, ticket sales, and other activities that may bring a person's hands in contact with another human or material prone to retaining the Covid-19 virus. We also strongly encourage events to utilize these guidelines, especially events handling cash sales and ticketing. If an event feels the need to utilize additional PPE while in the facility they are more than welcome. Please note that no PPE will be provided to an event by the facility.