Facility Restrictions & Access 

Covid-19 Yellow/Orange Risk Operating Guidelines & Procedures

Facility Closure:

If deemed necessary, The Salt Palace Convention Center along with its owner, Salt Lake County, have the right to shutter the convention center due to safety concerns. The ability to control access to the building in the light of a potential exposure to Covid-19 will be imperative to providing a safe facility. If a closure is deemed necessary all events within the facility will be notified as soon as possible. The closure of the facility may trigger the “Force Majeure” clause in an event's signed contract for all affected dates (not to include previous unaffected event days). 


Access to Meeting Room(s) & Exhibit Space(s):

In coordination with an Event Manager during the pre-event evaluation, it will be determined which areas of contracted space will have permissible access and what areas will be deemed restricted. Working with an Event Manager, an event may discuss a plan to lock and unlock certain doors to control crowds. This will also help to prevent attendees from entering spaces that may not have adequate social distancing space available.  

Facility Controlled Areas:

There may be certain areas during an event that will be required to be closed for safety reasons. This may include; public spaces (to avoid gathering), certain entrance and exit doors, food & beverage areas, conference rooms, and other areas that are not in accordance with social distancing per an events flow and usage. These closed areas will be discussed during the pre-evaluation process with an Event Manager. 


Door Propping:

In order to provide a hands free entrance and exit pathway for attendees into the facility and meeting areas, doors may need to be propped open. This may include exterior doors as well as interior. Working with your Event Manager an event will be able to determine which areas of contracted space will and will not need hands-free entrancing and exiting.