The New Normal: Reactivation & Covid Mitigation Plan 



It is with great enthusiasm, and a newly invigorated focus on health and safety that we prepare to host your event at one of our facilities. Our hope is to provide you, our client, with information and guidance that will help move us forward into the new normal of operation. Under the guidance of the State of Utah, Salt Lake County, and our corporate offices of ASM Global we are proud to present an innovative and extensive plan to offer your event and attendees with a safe and welcoming venue during a time of great uncertainty. It is our belief that we are now ready and prepared to present this new framework and bring your event, along with our facilities, back to life. During this period before your event, we offer this plan as a means to prepare a detailed and rigorous safety plan that will be implemented to best meet the needs of your event and attendees. We understand each event has unique challenges, and working together we promise to execute as many safety measures as needed to provide a safe facility for all.

For those returning you may notice the changes occurring within our facilities, including the addition of hand sanitizing stations, social distancing reminders and signage, face mask usage requirements, and a flurry of additional safety measures. You will however be met with the same care and commitment from our well-trained and resourceful staff. As the next step to providing a safe facility, we are proud to participate in a new ASM Global program called VenueShield. The primary focus and goal of VenueShield is to provide our venues with established and well versed venue cleaning protocols, as well as a structured approach to Covid-19 mitigation. When combined with recommendations and requirements from our local and federal health agencies, VenueShield becomes a powerhouse of resource and structure for all events.

As venues proudly managed by ASM Global, we are thrilled to share our VenueShield program with you. This program is rooted in partnership and we call for your help so that we may carry out successful (and safe) events once again.


Dan Hayes

General Manager

Salt Palace Convention Center & Mountain America Exposition Center 

High Level Summary 

Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfection:

▪    All building spaces now require enhanced cleaning and sanitization schedules, with posted checklists being placed after each cleaning (with date, time, and chemical used included). All of our products have been tested and approved for combating COVID-19. In addition, numerous hand sanitizing stations are now located throughout the facility for attendee usage. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): 

▪    In addition to staff PPE usage and training, Salt Lake County has implemented a county wide public health order specific to face mask usage. Under this order, any individual within Salt Lake County who is age two and over and able to medically or psychologically tolerate a face covering shall be required to wear a face covering that completely covers the nose and mouth in public areas where consistent social distancing of at least six feet is not possible, reasonable, or prudent. 


Social Distancing/Crowd Management/Facility Signage: 

▪    Social distancing encouragement, reminders for proper hand washing and sneeze etiquette will be found in common areas of the facility. 

Enhanced Safety Measures:

▪     The inclusion of safety measures deemed necessary on a per event basis:

  •  Contact tracing forms made available (and required for entry) at all entrances, along with event participation health questionnaires to be distributed by show/event    management. 
  • Social distancing guide markers. 
  • Social distancing monitors and advisors. 
  • Increased presence of Police Officers & Medical Professionals. 

Adjusted Capacities & Room Sets: 

▪    Introduction of social distancing approved room sets. These new capacities are standard operating procedure as of July 1, 2020.  

Facility Restrictions & Access: 

▪    Limited and designated entry and exit doors are established and monitored by facility Guest Services. 

GBAC Accreditation

▪    Both venues are developing a GBAC compliant program for biorisk mitigation. We plan to achieve accreditation in 2020, hopefully by early fall.