Food Service

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  • The ability to provide food & beverage in a properly social distanced environment may include the elimination of food settings that place attendees in close proximity. Restrictions may be placed on buffet style serving, as well as with coffee/break stations. Working with an Event Manager and a catering contact it will be determined how food & beverage will be distributed to attendees. Solutions may include; plated meal service, boxed lunches preset for attendees at tables, tiered/timed meal times, staggered food access per room section, and other various solutions that help to offer social distancing.
  • Working in conjunction with Centerplate (the exclusive food & beverage provider for both facilities) a coordinated effort to provide the safest food service as possible will be made. Along with this policy/guidelines document, Centerplate has prepared a separate document focusing specifically on food & beverage. Both documents are being utilized to coordinate this safety effort.  

Centerplate Re-Opening Mandates & Guidelines Document