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Covid-19 Yellow/Orange Risk Operating Guidelines & Procedures

We are currently developing new policies and procedures that will ensure the safety of our attendees and employees once we are able to welcome you back. It is anticipated that upon entering our facility you may expect:

  • Numerous hand sanitization stations located throughout the facility.
  • Social Distancing encouragement and signage. 
  • Reminders for proper had washing and sneeze etiquette in common areas of the facility. 
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitization schedules, along with facility wide posting of cleaning duties and chemical usage. 
  • The inclusion of safety measures deemed necessary per event:
    • Entrance screenings and temperature checks. 
    • Face mask requirements.
    • Social distancing guide markers. 
    • Social distancing monitors and advisors 
    • Increased presence of Police Officers & Medical Professionals. 
  • Enhanced training for staff surrounding proper PPE and chemical cleaner usage. 
  • Limited and designated entry and exit doors. 
  • Introduction of social distancing approved room sets. 
  • Numerous additional safety measures as outlined in our Covid-19 Operating Guidelines & Procedures Document linked above. 

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A Letter from the Salt Palace Convention Center:

It is with great enthusiasm, and a focused view on safety that we prepare to welcome you back into our facility. On July 01, 2020 the Salt Palace Convention Center is preparing to open (subject to change at the direction of Salt Lake County) its doors to the public. Our hope is to provide all attendees and events with information and guidance that will help move us forward into the new normal of operation. As you may know the State of Utah is operating under a color coded risk level system as their approach to reopening. Under the guidance of the State and Salt Lake County we have devised a plan for operation based on the “Yellow” and “Orange” risk levels of this plan. This plan is to be utilized and followed while our facility remains within these risk levels, and are not to be utilized under the “Green” or “Red” risk levels also associated with this system. The “Green” risk level allows us to operate at a level of lower to no restriction, while the “Red” risk level prohibits operations and constitutes a facility closure. We are now ready and prepared to present these new operating guidelines and procedures and bring our facility back to life. Linked above you will find the “Covid-19 Yellow/Orange Risk Operating Guidelines & Procedures” document for your reference. Please note that additional information regarding the State of Utah’s risk level system, and its effects on the operations of our facility are included within the document. We understand each event has unique challenges, and working together we promise to execute as many safety measures as needed to provide a safe facility for all. 

 We are beyond excited to welcome you into our facility, and begin preparations that will provide a safe environment for your attendees, staff, and all those working within the Salt Palace Convention Center. In addition to a highly rigorous cleaning and disinfection regimen, The Salt Palace Convention Center is currently pursuing an expansive accreditation from The Global Biorisk Advisory Council, a certification that we hope will bring a greater sense of safety and security to events and their attendees. 

We are counting down the days until we can say “Welcome to the Salt Palace Convention Center” once more. 

-The Salt Palace Convention Center Team




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Adam Barker

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Adam Barker

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