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Establishing Cab Fare at the Airport

There are many convenient transportation options available in Salt Lake, so it's always easy to get to your hotel, see the city, and catch your flight back home. You can take the Trax light-rail directly from the airport to downtown Salt Lake for only $2.50, Uber and Lyft are both popular and widely available, and Salt Lake has three private taxicab companies and many private car and shuttle services.

Tips on Taking a Cab

As of June 2015, Salt Lake's taxicabs serving the airport are bound by rate caps. Under these new rules, cabs cannot charge more that $25 for a single-person ride to a destination west of (or including) 500 East (Zone 1), and cannot charge more than $30 for a single-person ride to a destination east of 500 East (Zone 2). Each additional person can cost no more than $5.

Taxi zone map

If you're traveling to a destination outside of the Salt Lake City area (Zones 1 & 2), we recommend negotiating your rate with your driver prior to transport. It's an easy way to lock in your fare. Just agree on a price with your driver, fill out the card below, and have your driver sign it before you head to your destination.

Currently, Uber and Lyft are not permitted to serve the airport. However, they are available to take you anywhere else you need to go in Salt Lake.

Printable Rate Negotiation Card:

Printable Rate Negotiation Card