Downtown Salt Lake
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Downtown Salt Lake Skyline

Getting Around

Planes, Trains, and Decent Rental Cars. Getting to Salt Lake for your meeting is a snap, with easy access by road, rail, and air. And, Salt Lake City International Airport is just 10 minutes from downtown. Delta Air Lines, official partner of Visit Salt Lake, flies non-stop to Salt Lake from over 90 cities. Use the tools below to help you plan your stay in Salt Lake.

Salt Lake Areas

Salt Lake is a big place. We have divided the Salt Lake valley into 7 areas to make searching more convenient. Read about what you can find in each area and use the map below to see the area divisions...

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We've got the tools to help you find your way around. Explore Salt Lake using the interactive map to help plan your trip and add items to our Trip Planner. Or, you can print out the maps below and...

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Airports & Airlines

Salt Lake's accessibility by air is exceptional. Salt Lake City International Airport is one of the West's major hubs, served by 10 airlines and their affiliates offering over 650...

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Ground Transportation

Ground Transportation Options in Salt Lake

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