Salt Lake Accommodations

In a place that’s open to new ideas, Salt Lake is open to however you like to stay. We’ve got a host of options for you to set up the ideal base camp for your visit – all within 35 minutes of downtown. Consider a little luxury in the wilderness with a full-service hotel or lodge at one of our mountain resorts. Or if that feeling of home is what you’re after, vacation homes and condos are the perfect choice, complete with kitchens, fireplaces and other amenities. For the city-life vibe, Salt Lake has a wealth of hotels and motels across the valley.

Downtown offers base "camp" options from 5-diamond luxury hotels, all-suite locations to basic, clean economy rooms or charming bed & breakfast inns. If you want to bring along that furry, finned, or feathered member of the family, check out our pet friendly accommodations. Yes, Salt Lake has a wide variety of places for you to set up your base camp operations. And, if you really want to camp - we've got campgrounds for tents and RV's too.

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