Antique Car Show at Mountain America Expo Center




Shipping & Receiving

In order to accommodate the high volume of incoming and outgoing shipments, the Mountain America Expo Center has issued the following guidelines for Shipping and Receiving:


Show Materials: The Mountain America Expo Center recommends shipping booth materials and supplies through the show decorator or service contractor. Before shipping, please be sure to confirm shipping address and event name and dates. Please ensure the anticipated arrival date for the shipment corresponds with the authorized arrival dates set by the decorator.

Packages not labeled in care of a specific show, booth or exhibitor may be accepted the Guest Services Department. Receiving fees will apply. Unclaimed packages will be returned at the sender's expense. The Mountain America Expo Center reserves the right to refuse any unauthorized packages. To make arrangements to receive small packages at the facility speak with your Event Manager.


The Mountain America Expo Center recommends the show decorator or service contractor to be the first source of shipping for outgoing freight and their selected small package carriers.