Facility Rules & Regulations


The Mountain America Expo Center is in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Provisions include ramp access, restroom facilities, phone and fire alarms for the hearing impaired.



A damage evaluation report will be prepared by the facility after the completion of your event. The responsibility of scheduling pre- and post -"walk-through's" is that of the licensee. Contact your Event Manager to make arrangements. All damage, except for normal wear and tear, is the responsibility of the licensee. If the facility is not returned in the same condition as rented, the licensee is responsible for the cost necessary to clean, repair and/or replace any damage that occurred throughout the course of the event. All cleaning, replacements and/or repairs are completed by the Mountain America Expo Center. Any damage to the facility property is to be reported immediately to the Guest Services Department.



Crates, cardboard boxes, hazardous materials, waste products, gasses and other packaging and holding materials are prohibited from being stored or staged within the facility or on the loading docks. They may be kept in trailers with closed, unlocked doors, or in available dock bays. Limited storage of required show management and event contractor equipment may be permitted within the facility if the area is identified on the floor plan, has adequate fire suppression systems, and has been approved by Facility Management and the Fire Marshal. Air wall pockets, facility storerooms, hallways, emergency exits, concession stands and meeting rooms are not available for storage at any time. All emergency exits must be completely free from storage and debris. Storage of equipment within the facility is limited to the following items:

  • Decorator equipment and ladders
  • Carpet pigs and various decorator equipment containers
  • Electrical and decorator boxes
  • Accessible storage

Please contact your Event Manager to initiate approvals.



All contractors and vendors are required to comply with facility rules and regulations. See your Event Manager for a list of the rules and regulations.



The Mountain America Expo Center exhibit and registration floor plan approval process is closely involved with the Sandy City Fire Department. Your Event Manager will work with you to obtain the required approvals from the Fire Marshal.

Your Event Manager can also provide you with floor plan layout guidelines. You must provide three copies of your floor plan to your Event Manager for both the facility and Fire Marshal's approval at least two months prior to the first event date. Remember, floor plans should be approved prior to commitment of space to exhibitors! Non-approved floor plans will be returned to the licensee with explanations. All decisions made by the Fire Marshal will be considered final.



Freight or materials, including overnight freight services, will not be accepted prior to your contracted move-in date. All freight must be shipped to your service contractor/decorator who will deliver it to the facility during the approved move-in period. Any freight scheduled for delivery to the facility during the move-in periods must be to the attention of the service contractor/ decorator. The facility will not accept freight deliveries on behalf of the licensee, service contractors, decorators, exhibitors, etc. The facility will not accept C.O.D. shipments under any circumstances, nor will it accept responsibility for the costs associated with freight delivery/pick-up. The facility will not be liable for the security of freight left in the facility following the conclusion of your move-out dates, nor can we assume the liability for the shipping of such freight. Freight left in the facility will be disposed of at the licensee's expense.



Move-in or move-out through the facility lobbies is strictly limited to hand-carried items. Dollies, flatbeds or anything mechanical is prohibited. Materials that require the use of wheeled or mechanical equipment must be delivered via the loading docks.



Use, display and storage of hazardous materials within the facility is restricted and subject to written approval by the Fire Marshal.  Safety Data Sheet (SDS) documentation must be supplied to the facility prior to product arrival. Transportation, storage, security, disposal and SDS documentation is the sole responsibility of the material owner.


All licensees and their sub-contractors are required to provide a certificate of insurance to the facility. Copies of additional insured endorsements, primary coverage endorsements and complete copies of policies, if requested, must be furnished 60 days prior to the first event date. General and excess liability coverage may be purchased through SMG. Contact your Event Manager for details on this option. See Insurance Requirements.



Exhibitors at the Mountain America Expo Center have the option of purchasing advertising space on the two exterior marquees that are in front of the facility. Rates vary depending upon duration of the message, size of the show and number of show days. Contact the Sales Manager at 385-468-2260 for more information.



Please note: All contractors are required to register with the facility before work can be performed on site. Electrical contractors are also required to have a current Utility Service Contract on file with the facility.

All contractors, including but not limited to, General Service, Electrical, Decorative, etc., are required to register with the facility when working on premises in any capacity. Registration materials include a valid business license, insurance and other supporting documents, if necessary. Upon registration, the facility will provide all rules and regulations needed to work within the facility. Registration is required. Failure to register will result in an interruption of work in progress until such time as the proper paperwork is filed with the facility.

Permits are the responsibility of the licensee and exhibitors. Your Event Manager will assist you with information necessary for submission. However, we cannot secure such permits on your behalf.

For information regarding business licenses in Sandy City for Mountain America Expo Center events, call 801-568-7252.

Businesses that anticipate selling a tangible product or rent real property at an event must apply for a Temporary Utah State Sales Tax Number. Contact the State Tax Commission/Special Events Section at 801-297-6303 for more information.

Utah is a Right to Work state, and the Mountain America Expo Center does not maintain any agreements with union entities. Please be aware that several service contractors do have agreements with unions. Ask your service contractor about any union regulations that may apply to your event.



The use of pyrotechnics within the facility is strictly regulated by the Sandy City Fire Marshal and facility rules and regulations. They are designed to ensure the safety of all patrons and workers, as well as protecting the interior of the building. The guidelines for such activities are described below:

  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall hold a valid federal license issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for the use of "low explosives." A copy of this license shall be provided to Facility Management at least one month prior to show date.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall apply for, and comply with, all permits and requirements of the Sandy City Fire Marshal's office, and shall provide a copy of approved permits to Facility Management.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor must submit a Pyrotechnic Approval Form to Facility Management at least one month prior to show date. Contact your Event Manager to obtain a Pyrotechnic Approval Form.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall prepare and submit to Facility Management four copies of a complete description of the pyrotechnic activity, including:
    • A plot showing the exact location, type and number of devices.
    • Protective materials and equipment for the activity.
    • Location and number of fire extinguishers for the activity.
    • Schedule of activities, number of certified pyrotechnic operators, and their locations.
    • Schedule for pre-show pyrotechnic tests to be conducted in the presence of a Sandy City Fire Inspector.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall provide a current certificate of insurance to Facility Management naming SMG, Salt Lake County, as additional insured's.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall provide certifications on all materials and products used in the pyrotechnic activity, indicating these materials contain no hazardous gases or materials which would cause injury or harm to patrons, show contractors or facility employees.
  • The use of pyrotechnics within the license is approved by the licensee show management, who is directly responsible to the facility for all activities as described in the Use License Agreement.
  • The pyrotechnics contractor shall contact the facility's Events Management Department one month in advance of the show to coordinate special requirements and personnel required for the activity. Any additional Mountain America Expo Center personnel required shall be invoiced at the prevailing labor rates.



All rigging at the facility must be installed by qualified riggers and be in accordance with national, state and local safety codes. These include, but are not limited to, OSHA, BOCA and facility policy. See PSAV Production Rigging Policies and Procedures.

Hanging points from only the facility's superstructure are allowed. No hanging from fixtures, vents, sprinklers, pipes, false ceilings, ceiling tracks or handrails.



Signs, banners and flags that promote the event may be hung on the exterior of the facility only with consideration and written approval from Facility Management and no sooner than 48 hours prior to the event opening. This not only helps us maintain an orderly event setting, but also prohibits unauthorized advertising or other messages being installed by individual exhibitors or other events, which may occupy different portions of the building. Contact your Event Manager for details on availability and authorized locations, and any fees which may be involved.

The Sandy City Sign Ordinance, the relevant section of which is printed below for your reference, prohibits exterior temporary signage.

The following signs are expressly prohibited by this title. Also, signs not specifically allowed by this title are prohibited.

  • Wall Signs: Wall signs, as defined by this title, are prohibited in all residential zones, B-3 business, and C-1 and C-4 commercial zoning districts.
  • Handbills, Posters, Advertisements & Notices: No sign, handbill, poster, advertisement or notice of any kind or sort shall be fastened, placed, posted, painted or attached in any way or upon any curbstone, lamppost, telephone pole, electric light or power pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, rock, sidewalk or street, except signs owned and erected by a public agency or erected by permission of an authorized public agency as required by law.
  • Moveable Sign: Any sign not properly located in a fixed position on the property or within a building or car, such as an A-frame, trailer sign, or pedestal-type sign, is prohibited.
  • Temporary Signs: Any sign, banner, pennant, valance, or advertising display constructed of paper, cloth, canvas, light fabric, cardboard, wallboard, or other light materials, with or without light frames, intended to be displayed out-of-doors for a short period of time, is prohibited.



Utah State Law prohibits smoking in all public facilities (this includes the use of E-cigarettes). The Mountain America Expo Center provides a smoke-free environment. In compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act, smokers must be at least 25 feet from all doors.


At any event where taxable sales and/or admission fees occur, state sales tax must be collected. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that the event itself and any vendors at the event obtain a Temporary Sales Tax License and a Special Return from the Utah State Tax Commission. Events include, for example, sporting events, festivals, product shows, auctions, conventions, hobby show or concerts. The Temporary Sales Tax License and Special Return are only valid for the event for which they are issued. Promoters are required to contact the Utah State Tax Commission to register their event as soon as it is under contract with the facility. Contact the commission at 801-297-6303 or 1-800-662-4335 ext. 6303 for more information.  


Contractors must use the utmost care to protect all surfaces in the facility from damage. Protection may include padding, the use of non-marring products, Visqueen, plywood, rubber bumpers and tires, and proper supervision. The use of transfer tape is strictly prohibited on all surfaces within the facility. In addition, Velcro or similar products are not allowed on air walls or fabric surfaces. 

  • Carpet:
    All carpeted areas require the wheels on freight handling equipment and lifts to be suitably covered, or use non-marking wheels approved by the facility. If forklifts or pallet jacks are used on carpeted surfaces, then the application of protective covering to the floor is required. The cost to repair damage to carpeted areas will be billed directly to the general service contractor. When installing carpet in the exhibit space, specific tape has already been approved by the facility (check with your Event Manager), and must be used by your service contractor. The removal of this tape is the personal responsibility of the licensee and the service contactor
    • Protection: 100% with Ironman Visqueen. Approved tape only.
    • Vehicles: Electric pallet jacks, pallet jacks, dollies, handcarts only.
    • Crates & Pallets: Placed on protective surfaces including carpet scraps, Visqueen, plywood, etc.
    • Exceptions: Forklifts with plywood by written permission only.
  • Paint:
    Contractors must provide complete protection from paint and paint products in all areas of the facility including the exhibit floor. Under no circumstances may spray paints, airless sprayers, power painters, airbrushes or similar tools be used within the facility without written consent from the facility.
    • Protection: 100% protection from scratches and abrasions. No nails, tacks, Velcro, transfer tape or any other type of tape.
    • Attachment: Hanging points from facility superstructure only. No hanging from fixtures, vents, sprinklers, pipes, false ceilings, ceiling tracks or handrails.
    • Exceptions: None.
  • Air Walls:
    • Protection: 100% protection from scratches, dirt and abrasions. No Velcro or tape.
    •  Attachment: None.
  •  Stainless Steel & Permanent Signage:
    • Protection: 100% protection from scratches and abrasions.
    • Attachment: Approved tapes only. No removal or backing behind screws.
    • Exceptions: By written approval only.
  • Glass:
    • Protection: 100% protection from scratches and abrasion. No glazing removal. 
    • Attachment: Tapes, static, suction. Contractor responsible for cleaning costs.
    • Exceptions: None.


VEHICLES (Operations & Staging)

Vehicles are permitted in exhibit hall areas strictly for the purposes of loading and unloading freight. Unless the vehicle represents an integral part of a display, they may not remain parked in the exhibit halls. Display vehicles must conform to fire codes as they pertain to fuel tanks and battery connections. See Fire Safety Rules and Regulations.

For the safety of everyone, motorized vehicles, including forklifts and trucks, must not exceed speeds of five miles per hour (5 mph) in all areas of the facility. The General Service contractor, on behalf of the event, is responsible for informing all vehicle drivers entering the facility regarding these rules, regardless of their affiliation with the event.

  • Vehicle Staging: All event-related vehicles must be staged in assigned and designated portions of the loading docks. There must be a clear and accessible fire lane around the facility at all times. Staging is not allowed without prior authorization from the facility administration. All trucks, trailers and equipment must be off the property at the completion of the event contract time. Failure to remove such items will result in impound fees at the expense of the contractor.

Truck Marshalling: Truck marshalling arrangements must be coordinated with your general service contractor. The facility may be hosting multiple events simultaneously, and we must maintain access to our loading docks and lobby entrances for all of our clients.