Facility Operations Guide


Coat and Parcel check is available through your Event Manager. Both cash and hosted services are available.



The services of a dock lot attendant is required during move-in, show days and move-out to control and secure the lot from over-congestion, illegal parking and to increase safety and mitigate fire and security concerns. These costs will be the responsibility of the event licensee. In the cases of multiple events being held simultaneously, the hours charged an individual event will be proportionally divided based on space rented and utilization.

Only tractor trailers and company vehicles will be allowed to park in the dock loading area. No personal vehicles will be allowed to park in the dock lot. All company vehicles should be identifiable as a company vehicle.

All trucks, trailers and vehicles that enter the dock lot will be issued an unloading pass or logged in and recorded. All company trucks, trailers and vehicles must be cleared out of the dock lot at the time the event contract expires, unless permission is granted from facility management.

  • Dock Lot Operating Procedures: The dock lot will be staffed during exhibitor move-in, show days and move-out. An attendant will be assigned on duty one hour prior to the exhibitor move in or at the same hour that the decorating company is scheduled to arrive. It is crucial to staff the gate when contractor employees and others first arrive to control and prevent unwanted parking and to direct and control access to the dock area.
  • Move-in Days: During exhibitor move-in hours, the dock attendant's duties are to work in conjunction with the decorator and the promoter by routing exhibitors to the closest and most convenient dock door to unload. The attendant, whenever possible, will obtain a copy of the event set-up plan in order to locate the best option for unloading. The attendant will have on hand one hour unloading passes that will be issued to every person entering the dock lot. On the pass, the attendant will write the phone number, name and the time that the person arrived. The pass is then placed on the dashboard of the vehicle. The individual is then informed that they are granted one hour to unload their materials and then must move their vehicle to the parking lot or other storage location.

    Using the unloading pass is important for locating exhibitors inside the building in the event that the time has expired on the unloading pass and we need to have the vehicle moved from the dock lot.

    Announcements may be made through the P/A system requesting exhibitors with expired unloading pass to remove their vehicles. If vehicle is not removed, it may be subject to a vehicle "boot" and/or towing at the owner's expense.
  • Show Days: Because move-in usually continues on show days, the same duties are often performed. Show days bring an increased demand for parking space because of the arrival of patrons. Also, the number of people in and around the facility has increased and the need for additional Guest Services personnel, especially in the back dock area, is needed in order to secure control of access into events from this area. For this reason, the gate will be staffed until the show is closed for the night, after which the gate will be closed and locked. After-hours access is handled by the Guest Services department.
  • Show Days & Move-out: Staffing the dock lot for move-out will be based on the specific needs of the event. In a majority of cases the move-out period will extend to the end of the contracted move-out date. The specific time will be based on the needs and activity of the event.



Utility services at the Mountain America Expo Center are provided through an event electrical contractor. If your event does not use a contractor, please contact your event manager or the Facility Services Department for ordering information. Electrical services range from a minimum of 5 amps to a maximum of 400 amps.

Meeting Room Power Policy: Clients may utilize the 120V outlets on the walls to power a lectern, a computer for a presenter, or audio visual equipment, such as a projector, wireless microphones and sound mixers, etc., at no charge. For all other uses of electrical service in the meeting rooms, or if the combined requirements of the room exceeds 20 amps, service must be ordered from and installed by one of four Facility-approved contractors (Freeman, GES, JP Display or Modern Expo & Events).

To meet fire and safety code, extension cords must be single outlet, 12 AWG or larger, flat, three-pronged and grounded. Cords crossing any walkway must be taped down with black and yellow caution tape.

The Mountain America Center requires a complete record of all electrical and engineering services installed at our facility. We request that service contractors* provide us with a report that lists all services provided for the event, for both exhibitor and association/show management orders.

  • Electrical Orders:
    • For Exhibitor Orders: The report should list details of individual orders. Include the exhibitor name and booth number, services provided and dollar amount charged.
    • For Association Orders: The report should list location, what services were provided and the dollar amount.

      These reports need to be submitted to the Operations Manager with adequate time for the department to audit before the close of each show. If the contractor has no service desk on-site, please fax the information to 385-468-2165
  • Engineering Orders:
    A work order that lists all air, water and gas orders should be faxed to the Office Manager approximately one week before show move-in for timely installation by the Engineering Department. This report requires the same details as described above for the electrical orders.

*Electrical contractors are required to have a current Utility Service Contract on file with the Mountain America Expo Center.



The Mountain America Expo Center is equipped with its own inventory of tables, chairs, risers and other equipment to meet your event needs. The basic room rental for all rooms (non-exhibit areas only) includes a room set of one, topped and skirted table, chairs, a standard 6' x 8' riser, a lectern (microphone not included), and house lighting and ventilation during event hours. Please refer to our complete equipment inventory in the Event Planning Guide. Equipment is subject to availability. If your event requires equipment that is not available, rental of such equipment is the responsibility of the licensee. Please check with your Event Manager for available inventory.



The Mountain America Expo Center is fully protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system. In addition, fire extinguishers are located throughout the facility. Exit doors, exit lights, fire alarm sending stations, fire extinguishers and strobe lights are prohibited from being concealed, obstructed or tampered with at any time.



Freeman Decorating 775-355-4600
GES 801-908-8822
JP Display 801-523-7083
Modern Expo & Events 801-983-8100



The standard hours of operation for the administrative staff are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our standard operating hours for client-leased spaces are 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. daily.



Housekeeping charges are assessed at prevailing rates for all exhibit areas used by your event. The cleaning of the public areas, restrooms and meeting rooms is included with your basic room rental fee when the areas are used for public spaces and standard meetings.

Based on your decorating needs, you may need extraordinary housekeeping during or after the event. For example, if confetti is used as a decorative item, fees are applied to accommodate cleaning carpets and common areas where confetti is found. Fees are assessed at prevailing labor rates. Please see your Event Manager for details.



The Mountain America Center provides a convenient locking system to help you maintain security of the various rooms you use. We will also work with you to coordinate other security needs. It is important to remember that the Mountain America Expo Center staff must always have access to all areas, and reserves the right to access any area, if necessary.

Please designate a single member of your staff to receive all keys for your event, and coordinate their distribution to your designees. This person will also be responsible for the return of all keys. Keys can be issued at our Guest Services office upon your arrival. No deposit is required. However, an automatic charge of $200 for each key not returned on your move-out day will be imposed. For a higher level of security, the facility has the capability to change door locks to designated rooms for an additional fee. Please contact your Event Manager for details.



Show lighting services begin one half hour prior to each show-day, and ends one half hour after the scheduled closing. Work lighting services are provided through all move-in and move-out days. All additional lighting services are billed at the prevailing rates.


The Mountain America Expo Center has 1,700 parking stalls in outside lots. Motor home vehicles may use the lots for parking purposes only. Overnight parking on the facility property is prohibited. Contact your Event Manager for more information.



Please work with your Event Manager to develop a plan to recycle materials that may be left over from your event. The facility distributes foam core, show bags and other merchandise to local charities, other non-profits and school districts.



Floor diagrams for all meeting space, public space, exhibit areas and lobby spaces must be submitted to your Event Manager at least two months prior to your event. (Any meeting space specifications received after 30 days prior to the event are subject to an additional charge of one half of the daily room rack rate.) Initial set-up of standard equipment tables, chairs, etc., is provided with the room rental. Any changes to the initial room set made within 48-hours prior to your event will be subject to equipment and labor fees. All room sets after the initial room set, will be billed at one half the daily room rental rate. The exception to this is if a room is changed for a banquet. That room set will be done at no charge. However, if the room is changed to another room set after the banquet set, the extra charge will be assessed. Initial banquet set can be changed to standard set, as well.



The Mountain America Expo Center maintains a 24-hour, in-house Guest Services department that provides coverage for the facility's perimeter areas, life safety alarm systems and camera surveillance systems. We also offer contract services for added event coverage. Our Guest Services Manager coordinates with your Event Manager and show management to create a custom plan that meets your needs for staffing.  



The facility has open-top, 30-cubic yard Dumpsters in the exhibit halls. We charge $300.00 per compactor for trash removal. This charge will be assessed to all exhibit shows. If an exhibit show has excessive trash, and more than one pickup is required, we will charge an additional $300.00 for each pickup. Speak with your Event Manager about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle products from your event. 



Ventilation service air conditioning/ heating begins one hour prior to each scheduled event, and ends one hour after the scheduled closing. Additional ventilation required during move-in/move-out must be requested by the licensee and will be billed at prevailing rates.