Event Planning Services

The following list includes descriptions of each department's services. To contact a specific department, please refer to the staff contact list.


PSAV is the preferred, on-site event technology partner for the Mountain America Expo Center. It operates one of the largest, most up-to-date equipment inventories in the industry, including high-definition projectors, huge plasma screens and digital signage. PSAV's extensive services include: Creative Service: thematic and design production, video; Audio Visual Services: ballroom, boardroom and breakout, exhibit booth, public space; Interactive Services: audience engagement (LIVE social media feeds), content management system, mobile solutions (customized event apps), virtual events; Staging Services: lighting, projection, people, sets; Facility Services: business centers, on-site event technology, sound and rigging.


Our Engineering Department ensures that heating, cooling, ventilation and other critical building systems work correctly for the comfort and safety of your staff, attendees and exhibitors. Additionally, our engineers take care of all facility lighting requests, and provide water and air drops for clients and exhibitors. The Engineering Department relies on your Event Manager for information as to event hours and HVAC needs.



After you sign the Use License Agreement for your event, you will be assigned an Event Manager to work with you on event planning and implementation. The Event Manager will contact you as soon as they are assigned, and will remain your primary facility liaison through the conclusion of the event. They are skilled professionals, and thoroughly familiar with the policies, procedures and services of the facility. A major function of the Event Manager is to gather all event information and distribute it to our operating departments. Timely and accurate event information is critical to the success of your event!



Through your Event Manager, our Event Services crew sets tables, chairs, risers and other equipment in each room, once, to your specifications. Re-set of any of these rooms will be charged at one half the room rental rates. The exception to this is if a room is changed for a banquet or out of a banquet. If the total food and beverage spent in that room is equal to or exceeds twice the standard room rental rate, there will no be charge for the re-set. If the amount spent is less than twice the room rent, the amount of the charge will be reduced by 25% of what is spent on food and beverage. Please ask your Event Manager about changeover fees.



Internet, telephone and engineering services can be coordinated through your Event Manager or ordered on-line by filling out an order form. Temporary electrical services requiring more than 20 amps must be ordered from and installed by one of our four, facility-approved electrical contractors: Freeman, GES, JP Display or Modern Expo & Events.

Internet and telephone services are provided exclusively by the Mountain America Expo Center. Single, multiple or high-speed data lines, satellite uplinks/downlinks, Internet capability and local networks are just some of the services available.  The facility offers a full DS-3 to ensure quality, high-speed Internet service for your event. Our service is provided over our fiber optic infrastructure and routed throughout the facility enabling us to provide Internet access anywhere in the building. Our technicians are available during all move-in and show hours.



Room rental charges are due in full prior to the event arrival. Please check your Use License Agreement for amounts and due dates. Invoices for deposits may be requested; otherwise the Use License Agreement is the invoice. If payments are made using a credit card (VISA, American Express or MasterCard only), a 3.5% convenience fee will be applied to the billing. Additional services (e.g. trash removal, labor requested by the Licensee) require a work order form. Immediately following the event, services will be invoiced and payment is due upon receipt of the final invoice.



The Mountain America Expo Center requires all public events, trade shows, and/or events of 1,000 or more attendees to schedule onsite emergency medical personnel through the facility's EMT services. Additionally, any food function of 500 or more attendees also requires on-site emergency medical personnel. For the safety and convenience of all those involved with your event, we maintain a completely furnished First Aid Center. In addition, we recommend you consider staffing the First Aid Center during your move-in/move-out periods when your exhibitors are working on-site. During move-in and move-out activities, we have found injuries requiring medical assistance are more likely to occur. Charges for these services and supplies utilized are billed with your final statement. Please contact your Event Manager to order these services.



Utah Food Services logoUtah Food Services (UFS), a locally-owned and award winning catering business strives to exceed expectations through creative menu development, innovative presentation and truly exceptional service. Their range of services includes: customized menus featuring global and local fare, special dietary meal service (such as gluten-free, vegan and kosher), extensive beverage and bar service, floral décor and design, and chef action stations. Chefs create a theatrical atmosphere while heightening the senses with lively displays, such as salad shaker stations, "Woks of Fire," cast iron tabletop grills, oversized bamboo steamers and "Caramelization Stations." Expect more with UFS! Contact them at 801-531-0226 or sales@utahfoodservices.com.



Our facilities are known for their exceptional condition and cleanliness. The Housekeeping Department works tirelessly to maintain that reputation. We will keep the restrooms, lobbies, corridors and other public spaces clean during all of your event hours. Time allowing, we also refresh your meeting rooms between sessions. Please be sure to tell your Event Manager about special cleaning needs, schedules or restricted housekeeping areas.



The Mountain America Expo Center has 1,700 parking stalls in outside lots. Motor home vehicles may use the lots for parking purposes only. Overnight parking on the facility property is prohibited. Contact your Event Manager for more information.



The Mountain America Expo Center takes pride in its recycling and sustainability efforts. When possible, materials such as foam core and event bags are collected after a show and then donated to area charities and school programs. Speak with your Event Manager on making arrangements to have items earmarked for donation.



Following the designation of available space, our Sales Representatives may enter a space reservation for your event. All space reservations are entered on either a tentative/pending option, or on a definite basis. Potential date and space availability will be discussed, as appropriate. An event will be regarded as confirmed following the execution of a Use License Agreement, and payment of the deposit. The parameters for issuing and executing Use License Agreements are dependent upon the type of event being considered.

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