Re-Keys   $75
Lost Keys    $200
Meeting Rooms/Ballroom    no charge
Exhibit Halls – Meetings/General Sessions   $0.75
On Bleachers   $4.50/chair
Exhibit Area – all sizes   $2/chair
All sizes - Bare   $10
Topped & skirted -  1/per meeting room (4-walled area)    no charge
No free topped & skirted tables in Exhibit Halls    
Table Linen:             
For all size tables          $4.50
Skirted Table:    
8’x30” or 6’x30”   $35
For table-top exhibits   $75
Meeting Rooms    no charge
Exhibit Halls   $22/per 6' x 8'  section
Meeting Rooms/Exhibit Halls   $30/per 4' x 8' section
Stair Units:    
1st set of stairs    no charge
Additional stair units     $25
Stage Ramp:    $30/per section
Bicycle Barricades:   $10/per section
Stanchions:   $10
Coat Rack:   $10
Fire Extinguisher:   $35
Box Office:   $50 ($100 for built-in without UFS staffing)
Turnstile:   $15
Ticket Box:   $10
Dance Floor (3’x3’ sections)   $2.50/sq. ft.
Room Change-overs:   Changes to the initial room set after it has been set are charged at one-half the daily room rental rate.
Security Guard      $16/hour/per person
Booth Security    $20/hour 
Dock Attendant    $16/hour (min. 1 Dock Attendant during all hours of move-in, event & move-out 
EMT   $19/hour 
(One EMT for any food function over 500 people. One EMT for every 1,000 people in event.)
Police Officer   Ask for Quote (1 Police Officer required for events with 1,000+ attendees; 4-hr. minimum shift) 
Paramedic (Fire Department)    Ask for Quote (Paramedics work in pairs; 4-hour minimum shift) 


Forklift with operator   $120/hr.
Genie – 2-person lift with operator   $70/hr.
JLG boom lift with operator   $150/hr.
Scissors lift with operator   $125/hr.
Manual pallet jack   $10/hr.
Electric pallet jack with operator   $50/hr.
    All facility equipment operators are billed at a 1 hour minimum
Other Services/hourly:    
General Labor      $19
Cleaning Labor     $19
Carpenter   $30
Plumber     $65
Telephone Technician   $75
Electrical   $65
Locksmith    $75 
Network Engineer    $150 
Box Office Services    $300/day (events under 10,000) $500/day (events over 10,000) set-up/admin fee 

We provide clean exhibit hall floors prior to move-in at no charge. We will maintain public spaces external to the exhibit halls including hallways, corridors, mezzanine areas and all restrooms, at no charge. We will maintain public space and aisles (not exhibit booths) within the exhibit halls, including maintenance of aisle areas, to prevent any delays in the installation of aisle carpet, at the prevailing labor rates.

We will maintain all facility restrooms and waste containers therein, hallways, corridors and meeting rooms external to the exhibit halls at no charge. We will set tables and chairs for food service areas and monitor these areas in cooperation with the food and beverage contractor at no charge. We will clean/sweep aisles, public space and lounges, and will set and maintain facility waste containers for the aisles, food areas, restrooms and public space inside exhibit halls at the prevailing rate.

We will maintain all of the exhibit halls as move-out progress allows and will clean the exhibit halls after the move-out is completed, at the prevailing rate. We will clean all meeting rooms at the conclusion of the event at no charge.  The facility reserves the right to charge Lessee for extraordinary cleaning required before, during or after their event. All food shows are subject to this charge.

Compactor Charge
We charge $300 per compactor for trash removal. This charge will be assessed to all exhibit shows. If an exhibit show has excessive trash – and we are required to have more than one pickup – we will charge an additional $300 for each pickup.



Temporary electrical services are provided exclusively by facility-approved electrical contractors:  Freeman Decorating, GES, JP Display and Modern Expo & Events. If your event is not using one of the above-listed contractors, please contact your Event Manager or the Facility Services Department for ordering information. 


The marquees have full color LED 16mm screens that are displayed in portrait format. They are 11’-10” high and 9’-2” wide with a 160X208 media requirement for best reception. Please send all media in JPG, BMP, PNG, AVI, or MPG format. Pricing varies. Contact your event manager for list of options.


All sound patch fees are coordinated and billed through our in-house AV provider (Encore). All meeting rooms are billed at $70 per day, per room configuration. Exhibit halls are billed at $70 per day, per hall configuration. For exact quote, contact Encore at 385-468-2240.