Social Distancing & Crowd Management 

Covid-19 Yellow/Orange Risk Operating Guidelines & Procedures

6- Feet Apart - Maintaining Social Distance:

Until otherwise instructed, a mandatory social distancing requirement of 6-feet will exist within the facility. Distancing must be maintained between all attendees, employees, and event staff at all times during your event. In order to secure these distances the following requirements and facility standards have been established:

Social Distancing Signage/ Floor Markings / Line Queue Evaluation:

Reminders and markings have been placed around the facility to properly remind all employees, attendees, third parties, and event staff to practice social distancing. In addition to this standard building signage, additional signage and floor markings may be necessary and required to be put in place before your event may proceed. This may include properly marked line queuing areas.

Restroom Stall Closures:

All restrooms within the facility will have select stalls and urinals closed for usage in order to maintain social distancing within this space. These stalls and urinals will be properly marked, and made unusable via coverings and locks.

Distancing Monitor(s) / Law Enforcement Presence:

In addition to signage reminders it may be deemed necessary for an event to provide staff/labor to monitor attendees to remind them of social distancing guidelines. They may also be required to disrupt gatherings (intentionally or unintentionally) within the facility. In addition to distancing monitors it may also be required for your event to maintain the presence of law enforcement. The need for a presence of law enforcement or monitors will be determined during the pre-event evaluation made with your Event Manager.

Entrance & Exit Restrictions:

In order to maintain proper distancing near our facility entrance and exits, it may be deemed necessary to mark and traffic attendees through specific entrance and exit points. Creating a one way flow through entrance and exits will be crucial in retaining social distance.

Crowd Management:

Not unlike an event outside of pandemic regulations, crowd management will be a vital aspect of maintaining order and safety. During the pre-event evaluation with an Event Manager it will be determined what level of crowd management an event will entail. Events with larger attendance numbers, frequent function transitions, or general sessions will be faced with the challenge of moving crowds while maintaining social distance. Solutions will vary and depend on the event itself, but common solutions may include; tiered arrival and departure times, limited attendance, ticket sale reductions, multiple sessions of the same function, and other creative solutions upon approval. There will not be a one size fits all solution to crowd management, and the pre-evaluation with an Event Manager will be key to providing a workable solution.