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Live Music and Dancing

How to Improve Your Web Presence

Every VSL member has a listing on our sites, and, which are the premier sources of information about Salt Lake for visitors and locals alike. Is your web listing providing the best first impression of your business? Are you taking advantage of all the tools available to help you reach this lucrative audience? Here are some tips to help you improve your web presence on our sites.

Promote Your Events

Are your events getting the exposure they deserve? Use to promote your next event. This is a great free resource for promoting Utah events to the 45-50,000 locals and visitors who visit the site each month to find out what’s going on in Utah.

Events posted to this site also populate the event calendars on, and several other sites. Your events will also be added to your member listing on our site, which will help you maximize exposure on our site and encourage visitors to engage with you.

To add an event, simply go to and click on “Submit an Event” to get started. After you've successfully added your event, send a quick note to the staff in the Membership Department to ensure that your events are linked to your listing.


Add Coupon Offers

Looking for a free way to reach more visitors this summer? As a VSL member, you can promote any discount, deal, or special offer on our website and on our mobile site by adding a Coupon Offer to your Member Profile.These coupon offers appear on our homepage and many other pages of our site, as well as on your listing, so they're essentially free advertising for you! This is ideal for members wanting to reach visitorsand convention attendees during their stay in Salt Lake.

Coupon offers are easy to load and manage via the Members Only Portal and can be scheduled to appear on the site during a specific time-frameor throughout the year. The number of views and click-throughs for eachcoupon loaded are automatically tracked and recorded in your Member Profile, so you can immediately see the exposure they receive. Just makesure your offer has a redeemable action, i.e. "Show your convention ID badge to receive 10% off."

For more tips on how to use the Coupon feature, contact our Membership Department.


Optimize Your Description

Take a moment to find your listing on our site and review your description. You can have unlimited text here, and we suggest at least a couple of paragraphs. Give users a good idea of what they can expect upon visiting your business, and what makes your business worth visiting.

The Natural History Museum of Utah has the right idea:

text screenshot

To edit your listing description:

  1. Log in to the Members Only Portal and click on “Member Record.”
  2. Click on the “Listings” tab.
  3. Click on the yellow pencil to the left of the listing you want to edit. 
  4. When editing your web listing description, you have HTML capability. Feel free to add bullet points, change fonts, and even embed videos!

For assistance or ideas on how to make your listing stand out, contact VSL’s Membership Department.


Optimize Your Images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much are your pictures on our site saying about you? Take a moment to find your listing on our site and review your images. You can have an unlimited number of photos, and we suggest at least ten high-resolution images. Show users everything your business has to offer through beautiful imagery.

Here's a screenshot of Sage's Cafe's delicious-looking photos on Ski City:

Sage's Cafe screenshot

To add an image to your listing:

  1. Log in to the Members Only Portal and click on “Member Record.”

  2. Click on the “Web” tab and the “Media” sub-tab.

  3. Click “New Logo/Image.”

  4. Designate the type as “image,” give it a title, and then click “Browse” to upload the image from your computer. 
  5. When you click “Save,” the image will be sent to our Creative Services department for approval and resizing, if needed. Images are usually approved within 24 hours. 

Still having trouble? Wondering why your listing image looks blurry or pixelated? Here's a quick checklist for success:

  1. Make sure you upload an image that's at least 700px wide x 400px tall for best results on both and
  2. Make sure you've uploaded your image as an "image," not a "logo." The image in the first sort order position will appear on your listing and in the first spot on your listing detail page. 
  3. Make sure you're uploading .jpg or .png files. Tif files will not appear in web browsers.

For assistance or ideas on how to make your images better, contact VSL’s Membership Department.


Update Your Social Media Links

Are your social media links up to date on our site? Visitors want to engage with you through these channels. Find your listing on Are there links to all your social media accounts beneath your contact information? And are the links working? 

If not, it's easy to update them:

  1. Log in to the Members Only Portal and click on “Member Record.”
  2. Click on the “Social Media” tab and paste the URL for each of your social media sites into the appropriate field. Hint: If the links include “https,” remove the “s” for easier access to your information. 

Questions? Contact VSL’s Membership Department for more information. And don’t forget to attend our Social Media Seminars to maximize your social media presence.


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