20 Ways to Use Your Membership

Membership with Visit Salt Lake can help open doors for your business. We've compiled 20 easy ways you can use your membership to increase sales — keep reading to find out how!

  1. Read and respond to your mail, especially leads. Each month you may receive several mailings with important information. While some pieces are informational, others will require you to respond by phone or in writing. Leads requiring immediate response may be sent by the Convention Sales, Convention Services, or Tourism departments. Specific instructions and special requests will be included; a prompt response can make a difference. If you are unable to handle a client's business, a letter of apology and interest may help to bring business at a later date.
  2. Restaurants: Make sure Visit Salt Lake has your current menu. Restaurant information/reservation service is available to conventions through the Convention Services department. Each member restaurant may provide up to two letter-size pages for the Restaurant Information Book. Use this opportunity to provide menu samples, photos and pertinent information to convention delegates. To submit new or updated pages, contact the Convention Services department.
  3. Take advantage of marketing opportunities with fellow members. Mailing labels are available at a nominal charge. Send information to Visit Salt Lake members encouraging them to use your services.
  4. Maintain contact with Visit Salt Lake. Keep your organization informed by making sure Visit Salt Lake mail is sent to the correct person. It is also important to inform us of developments and changes in your business so we can pass on information to staff, clients and other members.
  5. Get involved in opportunities to meet clients. Visit Salt Lake sales staff is continually involved in site inspections, sales blitzes, Buyer Education Trips, and other activities to sell Salt Lake. By participating in these sales presentations, you have an opportunity to meet potential clients.
  6. Utilize Visit Salt Lake publications. The Salt Lake Visitors Guide is an excellent publication for visitors, clients, and guests from outside the area. The Salt Lake Services Directory is a valued resource for clients planning meetings and events throughout the Salt Lake area, providing them the benefits of experience and service from Visit Salt Lake members. For complimentary copies of both publications, contact the Membership department.
  7. Network with fellow Visit Salt Lake members. Take advantage of Visit Salt Lake meetings to talk with other members and gain recognition within the community. We encourage members to do business with each other and work together in a team approach to bring visitors to Salt Lake. Member Connections provide a great opportunity to meet and mingle in an informal, social atmosphere.
  8. Design displays or signs for special groups. Plan promotional advertising, displays, staffing, and product needs around upcoming conventions and meetings. You may want to put up a special welcome sign in a window or on a marquee to draw the attention of group members.
  9. Create a package with other Visit Salt Lake members. To attract more tourism business you may wish to package a tour with a nearby hotels and attractions. Visit Salt Lake's Tourism department offers suggested itineraries and complete packages for tour operators; acting as a referral service once a group has decided to come to Salt Lake. To gain more convention business, you may want to package your services with related services from other members. Present your package to meeting planners and Visit Salt Lake staff to inform them of the services you can collectively provide. If your location is not convenient to major hotels, package your business with a nearby attraction or restaurant. Restaurants might provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy shopping, theaters, and events or attractions before or after dining. Consider offering transportation service to and from area hotels.
  10. Advertise in convention groups' programs. Support the convention groups coming to Salt Lake by advertising in their meeting programs or by sponsoring services.
  11. Develop an information packet about your business. This allows you to respond quickly to leads. We suggest a welcome letter with an offer of your services, brochures or other promotional pieces, and referrals from satisfied customers. Draw the attention of a potential customer with a unique and professional presentation.
  12. Make your services available to travel writers. Travel writers interested in Salt Lake contact Visit Salt Lake  on a daily basis. Their interests are varied and provide a wealth of opportunity for members to be part of news stories and informational articles printed in a broad spectrum of publications. For more information about working with travel writers, contact Visit Salt Lake's Tourism Services Manager.
  13. Keep your listing information up-to-date. As one publication is completed, work on another one begins. Please keep us informed of address, phone and name changes, or if any information in your descriptive text becomes outdated or incorrect. We want our visitors (your potential customers) to receive the most accurate information possible. Review the listing update information that is sent by the Publishing department prior to the production of both the Salt Lake Services Directory and Salt Lake Visitors Guide, and respond quickly.
  14. Provide Visit Salt Lake with an ample supply of your brochures. Visit Salt Lake distributes brochures and answers many questions at our Visitor Information Centers. Some materials are also taken to trade shows attended by our staff. Call the Visitor Information Center occasionally and check on our supply of your materials; Visit Salt Lake's Brochure Coordinator will be happy to assist you. Please respond quickly when our staff requests additional promotional pieces.
  15. Educate Visit Salt Lake staff about the products and services you can provide to their customers. Consider your marketing interests and make a presentation to the appropriate department(s). If your service or product could be utilized by convention and meeting planners, consider making a presentation to the Convention department staff. If tour groups, ski groups and individual visitors are potential customers, make a presentation to the Tourism department. To schedule a presentation, please call the Convention department Administrative Assistant or the Tourism department Administrative Assistant.
  16. Remember the value of tourism marketing. The Tourism department travels extensively, promoting Salt Lake as a destination for group tours and ski clubs. Trip reports are written following each sales mission and contain information about the appointments and sales calls that staff participated in. Use this information to learn about groups considering Salt Lake and their requests.
  17. Learn the needs of meeting planners and tour operators, and how you can best assist. Visit Salt Lake receives a number of publications that are available to help you gain insight to the concerns and challenges facing meeting planners and tour operators. The more you work with these clients, the more information you will acquire. In a nutshell, "do your homework!"
  18. Invite the Visitor Information Specialists to your business for a site inspection. They meet and greet thousands of visitors in Salt Lake each year. They are often asked specific questions about dining, accommodations, activities, etc. If they understand and have experienced your services, they are better able to answer questions and confidently refer your business to visitors. For scheduling information, call the Visitor Services Assistant.
  19. Offer special hours or a special menu. Consider that companies exhibiting at a trade show may want to host group dinners or outings during their "off" hours to accommodate group schedules.
  20. Encourage colleagues and businesses you deal with to join Visit Salt Lake. A strong membership helps us attract conventions and visitors to Salt Lake. The more diverse Visit Salt Lake's sales package, the more customers we can reach for you. Membership with Visit Salt Lake is an important component in an effective overall marketing strategy.
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