MPI World Education Congress Opening Reception at Library Square
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MPI World Education Congress Opening Reception at Library Square

Salt Lake for Conventions

Don't just take our word for it. Salt Lake consistently makes a good impression with our clients and in the meetings industry.


American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy logo

Mary Dean

Executive Director

American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy

"Our experience in Salt Lake was incredibly positive, from the initial proposal all the way though the post-meeting follow up."


Melaleuca the Wellness Company logo

Andrea McDowell 
May 2013
Melaleuca the Wellness Company

"We thoroughly enjoy hosting our annual Convention in Salt Lake City. It is perfect. Easy to get around. Hotels   are nearby and reasonable. Great food selection. A perfect city! "  

National Association of College Stores logo

Hugh Easley 
March 2012
National Association of College Stores

"The people of Salt Lake City were very friendly and accommodating. The city was clean and a very safe city for our predominately female audience."  

Outdoor Writers Association of America logo

Jessica Pollett 
July 2011
Outdoor Writers Association of America

"We really enjoyed the mountain location of Snowbird for our conference! ...great accessibility to a wide range of stores for our supply shopping. Also great restaurants for the evening we drove down into SLC."

Rotary International logo

Shari W. Pontillo 
Associate Manager International Meetings
Rotary International

"As you work with other planners on coming to Salt Lake City, I wanted to offer my endorsement of the city. Absolutely, the first thing you notice is the incredible natural beauty that frames Salt Lake. Everywhere you look, you’re surrounded by these incredible mountains – this is the kind of setting that created an unforgettable experience for our attendees.

The city, its hotelsrestaurants and services offered a good variety and quality at a variety of price points. The new convention facilities were everything we look in a convention center and the variety of restaurants was, to be honest, really surprising and exciting. Great food was everywhere.

Something that we knew yet didn’t fully understand until we held our meeting in your city is that Salt Lake is an international city with many cultures which was essential to an international meeting such as ours. Their hospitality is amazing – you have to experience it to understand the difference it made to the success of our convention. We received multiple comments on how friendly everyone was and how much they enjoyed the city and its many attractions

Good luck on all of your endeavors as you show the world what Salt Lake has to offer to them. "

American Payroll Association logo

Dan Maddux 
American Payroll Association

"Hi Michael! I'm in the Vancouver airport. Dinner at Cucina Toscana was marvelous!! Walter and his crew were fabulous. We never looked at the menus. We let Walter decide what each of us was going to have. I anticipated a substantial bill, but it's wasn't as high as I assumed it would be for the superb quality and service. By far, the best dining experience in SLC, frankly anywhere that I can recently remember. Very memorable and everything was delicious!! Thank you for the recommendation, reservation and a fabulous convention!! We look forward to coming back."

Devine Racing logo

Scott Kerr 
Vice President of Race Operations
Devine Racing 

"From my experience, it really doesn't get any nicer or more convenient than Salt Lake. The city is vibrant, has a safe downtown and the mountains, with outdoor recreation opportunities, is so close. Getting to the city and around the city (key for my group) is really easy, whether walking or riding the light rail system. There is plenty of shopping and in-city activities...a great city feel without the extreme hustle and bustle you get in some other major cities. The fact that you can be in the mountains in mere minutes from getting into your car is pretty awesome!"

American Institute of Chemical Engineers  logo

Jeff Wood 
Meetings Director
American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

"The quantity and quality of the arts and entertainment Salt Lake offers has always surprised me. We found that whatever your tastes, you're sure to find it - a wide range of music and concerts, excellent live theater performances, cool and casual clubs, or professional sports."

Novell, Inc logo

Mike Morgan 
Director of Events
Novell, Inc. 

"We do an event that has been coming to Salt Lake for the past 20+ years, and our delegates look forward to the city every year, they know it well, it's an easy city to get to know, it's safe so they feel very comfortable walking around, looking at the many things Salt Lake City has to offer. There's some great restaurantsgreat bars, they have their favorites, and they frequent them every year."

American Council on Education logo

Stephanie Marshall 
Director of Meeting Services
American Council on Education 

"Salt Lake City has a small-town look, big-city feel- when I say that, I mean that I feel like I can get anything in Salt Lake City that I can in a bigger city, but the small-town-ness, the people are nice and friendly."

"Salt Lake offers many places for my attendees to continue their networking after the meeting is over for the day."

American Society of Agronomy logo

Keith Schlesinger 
Director of Meetings and Conventions
American Society of Agronomy 

"The mountains are about a half hour away, if you want to get up there and go ski. There's so much to do, and you wake up in the morning, open up your blinds, and you're looking at mountains- which is really cool. Coming from Wisconsin, that is a treat."

"Everything is compact here. You don't need a cab to go to restaurants, or any entertainment, venues, it's so compact, it's a perfect package. You can ride TRAX, free of charge, downtown. How many cities out there today charge you $1.25 or $1.50, whatever it is, you know you're in line, trying to get on the train, and there's a line of regulars behind you, you don't know how much fare to pay, and all this. TRAX allows you to ride anywhere in the downtown area, you just hop on a train, hop on a bus."

"It's a city constantly growing, and becoming better and better for meeting planners. You've got to come out and see it."

sme logo

David Kanagy, CAE 
Executive Director
Society of Mining, Metallurgy, & Exploration, Inc. 

"What's wonderful about Salt Lake is that you can literally land at the airport at 9:00 in the morning, and by 9:45 you can be skiing because they are only 30 minutes away. By the time you get your gear on, you're ready to go in about 45 minutes."

"The restaurants in the Salt Lake convention center area provide our attendees with a wide variety of dining options, from simple, chain restaurants to very fine dining, exquisite cuisine-type of restaurants, and it's very much appreciated by those who attend our meeting."

Omniture logo

Elyce Jones 
Meeting Program & Senior Director

"After our conference, we take anyone that wants to go to Snowbird and ski for a day. And that has become such a great activity, and people that don't even ski come, and just go up and just have fun, drink, and eat, and play in the snow, and have a good time."

"Overall, Utah just is a great place to bring groups because we have everything from the mountains and everything it provides, and then nightclubs that are easily accessible from the convention center and other great restaurants that are five-star. It's a great place to bring groups."

"We have over 700 flights coming and going each day, and accessibility to the city is just amazing. It takes just under 10 minutes to get to the city in a taxi, and if you take TRAX, our light rail system, it's a great trip into the city and it's very convenient. And we've got very strong airlines in the area, and you can get to anywhere in the world. We have direct flights into Asia and direct flights into Europe these days, and so it's a great location and great hub city."

AREMA logo

Desireé Knight, CMP 
Director of Conferences and Seminars

"I was very surprised the first time I came to Salt Lake City how close the airport is to the venue. An 8-minute cab ride the convention center is un-heard of. It's nice to know that if you have a meeting and you need to get there early in the morning and your flight is early, you're going to make it, there's no traffic. The city is easy to manipulate and move around, and I have to say that everyone I ran into in the city was helpful."

American Chemical Society logo

Nancy Todd, CMP 
Manager Conference Management & Vendor Relations
American Chemical Society 

"Transportation is one of our largest costs, and so we always worry about that, and we worry about the access into the city- what do people have to go to, to get here, so Salt Lake has great access, they are a hub for Delta but they have many other carriers that come in here."