Convention Services

Don't just take our word for it. Salt Lake and Visit Salt Lake consistently make a good impression with meeting planners who come to Salt Lake. Read on to see just a few of our glowing recommendations.


Quilts, Inc. logo

Bob Ruggiero
Director of Publications & Public Information
Quilts, Inc. 

"The dedicated professionals at Visit Salt Lake were incredible to work with. They went above and beyond to ensure that our staff, our attendees, and our exhibitors had a positive experience both at the Salt Palace Convention Center and in the city."


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Linda Hines
Convention Manager
AMSUS (American Military Surgeons of the US) 

"Salt Lake's convention services team deserves every award they've won—they are on top of everything throughout the entire meeting process. Not only are they incredibly helpful with all the logistical issues of producing a great event, they're truly focused on increasing meeting attendance and have great attendance promotion programs ready to implement."


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Keith Schlesinger
Director of Meetings and Conventions
American Society of Agronomy 

"What sets Salt Lake City apart from everybody else, and there's a big distance between first and second, is the level of service. I've seen this in the two annual meetings that we've brought here, and I generally will go into the registration area and just step back, and watch the local people here taking care of our guests. The service that they gave them was just top-notch; professional members would go up to our guest program desk, and ask questions about this-or-that restaurant. They were not part of the guest program, but the hospitality community here is reaching out. They have someone special in town, an attendee- it doesn't matter what attendee, it's any attendee- they are thrilled to have them here and it's their job in the hospitality community to welcome them, help them out, and make them feel special. Salt Lake City is unique, it's something about the climate, the culture out here- I don't know what it is, but out here, Salt Lake's hospitality people are so happy and thrilled to have associations, companies, all kinds of meetings coming out here, and they show first-class service going back to the people, which is fantastic. You don't see that in every city, not at all, not to this level, it's top-notch. You have to come here and experience it and see what I'm talking about."


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Mike Morgan
Director of Events
Novell, Inc. 

"The City of Salt Lake hosts a huge variety of friendly people, it's an international city, so there are many different cultures here, and they all have that high level of service attitude. I've never been told ‘No' in Salt Lake City, it's always ‘What can we do', ‘We're happy to do that', ‘How can we help', and they go above and beyond to take care of me, as an event planner, and my team as well as our delegates. We come back year after year, simply because it's a great city to host an event of this size, it's about 5,000 to 6,000 people depending on the year, and it fits very, very nicely in this city. The hotels are able to accommodate the group; we also have wonderful support from the City of Salt Lake, as well as the Convention & Visitors Bureau. We don't ever feel left alone- we're all locals, we all live in Utah, so there is a high level of comfort that we know the city, we know the people, we know the venues, but we're never let down. Even though we're locals, they still treat us as if we're their most important guest every year."


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Elyce Jones
Meeting Program & Senior Director

"The CVB does an outstanding job in taking care of the customer. The people that I know personally have been here for between 15 and 20 years, and know the city inside-out, and have service at the top-of-mind."


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Nancy Todd, CMP
Manager Conference Management & Vendor Relations
American Chemical Society

"I don't think we've ever had another Bureau that has gone to the extent that they have to help us get everything together, make sure things are going smoothly, work with us and our local people here- it's just been wonderful."


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Desireé Knight, CMP
Director of Conferences & Seminars

"I believe Salt Lake has a golden gem, and that is their customer service. They go over and above what you expect. They believe in being nice, and hospitable, and it is a friendly town no matter where you go within the city."

"The Salt Lake CVB Convention Service person was an extension to my team, and she went over and above to assist in anything that we needed as a meeting. There was signage that I did not anticipate would be there, little stickers to identify AREMA and REMSA as a group within the city, and our members were excited to see their names everywhere throughout the city."