Yellow Cab Utah

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435 South 600 West
Salt Lake City,UT 84101-1001
(801) 521-2100

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Yellow Cab Utah is the largest, most hi-tech taxi service in Utah. We've served the local transportation industry since the 1970's. We offer seamless Verifone credit card processing and the latest in GPS dispatch technologies. 

We proudly serve inbound visitors from the Salt Lake International Airport 24/7, and our luggage claims booths are easily the fastest way off the airport. Our average wait time at booth check in is 7 minutes. If you have a scheduled reservation the car will be waiting for you. 

If you're part of the "Do-It-Yourself" crowd you have to try the Yellow Cab Booking Portal . You can set up a small profile without using a credit card, then add an address and book a ride. This awesome feature includes a map allowing you to see your car coming your way, and the ability to message your driver. No credit cards, no downloads. Just book and ride. 

Payment Methods Accepted
  • Cash
  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Visa
General Information
  • Days of Operation: 7 Days a Week
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Airport to SkiUtah for families and friends.

This Yellow Cab Utah coupon is good for any party up to 5 passengers booking transportation from the Salt Lake International Airport to Park City, Brighton, Solitude, Alta or Snowbird ski resorts. This coupon for an $80.00 flat rate includes 1-5 passengers with ski gear, or a family of up to 5 passengers with gear will be redeemable at time of service only. You MUST show the Coupon Code to your driver via electronic device - cell phone, tablet, etc... This is a one-way coupon from the airport to ski destinations only. This coupon does not include additional stops or delays.