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After a 35 year advertising career, we’ve settled on a simple mission statement:

“Have fun rescuing clients from killing their customers with irrelevant, incoherent and ignorant, forgettable, flat and futile marketing messages.”

Practically speaking - “We help clients craft and deliver the message that moves their customers to action.”

After a couple years of creating really nice ads for some really nice clients I landed a client who actually had a tough marketing challenge of selling grinding balls. No magazine or newspaper, no radio or TV station could reach their market. In my naiveté, I proposed mailing a sample of their product right to the actual customer. (I thought I had invented direct mail).

Well, despite the innocent mistakes and foolish assumptions made by a novice direct mail guy, the client actually became the Western United States’ leading provider of grinding balls as a result of our direct mail campaign. That first success taught me a lesson I’ve clung to for these past 34 years.

“Get the right message understood by the right people and action follows.”

It's no more complex than that. So my question as I face any communication challenge is simply; “Who needs to know what, to motivate them to do what you want them to do?”

Once you answer that question, then its simply about developing and delivering that knowledge into the head and heart of your prospect. Still, seems pretty simple.

Over the years, we've been asked to motivate people to stop by, drop in, return this card, call now, vote, click, visit, download, remember, act now, come by, feel, understand, share, link, like, join, change and yes, even repent.

We've developed one-shot direct mail pieces, fully integrated media campaigns, industry unifying movements, public awareness campaigns and long-term corporate communication programs. We've been called upon many times to help pioneer new industries.

Why us?

Because with us, creativity is more than design, more than concept, more than idea, creativity is results – it's getting your client, customer or prospect to feel, know or understand what they need to feel, know or understand to move them to action.

That is Merrell Remington.