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Hidden Treasure is waiting for YOU!
Imagine over 80 years ago Solomon Moore, a member of the elite Double Key Treasure Hunt Society hid a treasure, wrote a clue letter on parchment, and sealed it with red wax. It was lost but, you've found it! Solve the clues at Historical sites in Salt Lake City.

When you purchase a treasure hunt package from the key to finding the treasure is in your hands!

Discover Salt Lake City's rich history as you search for the answers to the clues. Solomon Moore’s story unfolds along with the clues which must be solved by visiting Salt Lake's beautiful historic landmarks as well as referencing artifacts contained in the package. So, finding the answers to the clues serves as a self-guided tour of Salt Lake’s Historic Downtown.

Once the clues have been answered you will use information from them to solve a hidden encrypted message, which will give you the answer to where the treasure is hidden.

The treasure is your choice of Gold Flakes, old coins, or antique Silver Dollars. But that’s only part of the treasure you will take home with you! The memories of your fun adventure and the history you uncover are treasures that will last a lifetime!

Along with your package you will receive a guidebook. This guidebook will give you hints to solve the clues, information about the historical sites, as well as ideas of other things you may want to do in downtown SLC along the way. This treasure hunt is geared to appeal to adults and children alike. This exciting adventure is a great activity for family vacations, parties, day dates or anytime you would like to explore Salt Lake City.

Every Double Key Treasure Hunt package comes ready to use. The treasure will already be hidden and all it needs from you is a little imagination and a lot of excitement!

Experience your own REAL treasure hunt!

Becky West President Double Key Treasure Hunts (800) 494-3183