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Desolation Lake Mountain Bike Ride

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Mill Creek Canyon Road
Salt Lake City,UT 84109

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All photos by Outdoor Project Contributor, Brant Hansen

Pros: Huge vistas. Shady. Cool in summer. Fast.
Cons: Busy.
Congestion: Moderate
Preferable Season(s): Summer, Fall
Day-Use/Parking Pass Required: General Day Use Fee ($3.00)
Dogs allowed?: No
Total Distance: 6.00 mi (9.66 km)
Terrain Difficulty: GREEN
Trailhead Elev.: 8,239 ft (2,511 m)
Net Elev. Gain: 1,271 ft (387 m)
Trail Uses: Hiking, Biking
Trail type: There-and-back

This trail gives you a pleasant and incredibly scenic climb through 3.5 miles of aspen groves, sprawling meadows, and thick pine forests. All this eventually leads you to Desolation Lake itself, a picturesque high-altitude lake. It’s the perfect, tranquil resting spot. From there, it’s a short climb up to the Wasatch Crest Trail that joins in just below the Spine. If you choose to ride to Desolation Lake as an out-and-back, you’re in for a fast and flowy descent. The trail twists and dives, throwing you through the same forests you just climbed through.