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Millie Jane Black - Graphic Recorder


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    WHAT DOES A GRAPHIC RECORDER DO? A Graphic Recorder works LARGE, LIVE in your meeting to bring ideas to life in a powerful way! We often hear: "I see what you mean!" We can untangle words using pictures, graphs, mapping, and other fast means of bringing minds together in a way that traditional meeting tools cannot. WHY USE A GRAPHIC RECORDER? I can help increase participation, and conversely stop a repeater! Once the idea is on the wall, the person is "heard". While working in groups the Agenda moves along quicker and patterns emerge with a visual mapping. When the participants can visually anchor the ideas to the art, it is committed to memory even better. WHO SHOULD USE A GRAPHIC RECORDER? Large and small groups benefit from the power of seeing their work appear before their eyes! Think of how you might bring to life: Understanding customer needs... Sharing Processes... Changes in a company... Vision or strategy... Culture Changes... Brainstorming
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