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    5 Star Interpreting is Utah's top American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting/translation service. With an ensemble of expertly-trained ASL interpreters with a variety of backgrounds and stories, 5 Star Interpreting is sure to provide you with ASL interpreting services to surpass your needs. We provide services throughout the State of Utah. Our professionally licensed, certified, and credentialed interpreters are available 24/7 for any situation, from the smallest meetings and appointments to the largest conventions and gatherings. Visit our website and get in touch with us today to book an interpreter for your next event!

    Conference Sign Language Interpreting Services

    When you have Deaf attendees at your conference, finding the right sign language interpreters can be difficult and unpredictable, with the quality of interpreters varying across the board. To increase the difficulty of planning your conference, you also need to make sure that your conference is compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). You may not know what all you need to consider and you may not know what you are required to do if you have one or more Deaf attendees. This is where 5 Star Interpreting can help.

    Choose 5 Star for Your Conference Sign Language Interpreting

    5 Star Interpreting can eliminate your concerns, providing expert, natural ASL interpreting that you can be assured is accurate and professional. With our expertise on the ADA, our streamlined process will match your conference with the perfect team of interpreters to fit your specific needs.No matter how long you need your interpreter for, whether a few hours or a full day, 5 Star Interpreting is ready to deliver affordable, cost-effective services that will always leave you and your audience’s Deaf members happy with the level of interpreting. Our sign language interpreters are skilled at not just interpreting the words that are spoken, but also interpret what the speakers mean.

    Our team of expert sign language interpreters is service all types of conferences, training, and seminars.

    Our professional interpreters have thousands of hours of training. They’re ready to translate in a variety of circumstances and think quickly when the dynamics of a situation change. We match our interpreters with the industry and environment they’ll be placed in on the job.

    Run by the Deaf Community, for the Deaf Community

    Because 5 Star Interpreting is run by members of the Deaf community, we understand the unique needs and situations that may arise during your conference and our interpreters are extensively trained to see these situations and handle them in a professional manner. Our interpreters are selected through a comprehensive selection process to ensure expertise in interpreting and competency in.

    We strive to bridge the gap between the speakers or performers at your event and the Deaf community. We allow the Deaf community to have more say in the process, so they feel valued and able to communicate in the way that bests fits their situation.

    The 5 Star Scheduling Process for Your Conference

    1. Conference planners reach to us via email or by completing the Request an Interpreter form.
    2. After analyzing the given information from your initial email or Request form, 5 Star Interpreting delivers your interpreting quote.
    3. After accepting the quote, 5 Star requests a schedule of breakouts, plenaries, keynotes, and seminars that attendees that would need interpreters for, as well as contact information for deaf attendees.
    4. 5 Star Interpreting contacts these attendees directly to determine their interpreter preferences as well as if they have favorite interpreters they’ve worked with in the past.
    5. 5 Star Interpreting book interpreters for the conference. They show up, interpret the conference and then we send an invoice shortly after the conference is over.

    Conference Sign Language Interpreting FAQs

    Why are two interpreters recommended for conference/platform interpreting?

    Interpreting is physically and mentally taxing. Having two interpreters allows for a tag-team approach in which interpreters alternate every 20 or so minutes to preserve the integrity of your message, delivering the information your attendees are looking for with the highest fidelity to the source.

    Are interpreters paid for their time between sessions? During lunch?

    Yes, on both counts. Interpreters work for their living like any professional. By asking them to dedicate their day to a conference, they expect to be compensated for that time. Additionally, it is well known that conferences are some of the most outstanding locations to network with other professionals in a given field. Your attendees will have access to our interpreters for the whole day to network with colleagues and peers.

    Does the conference planner reimburse for parking?

    Parking is typically covered by the convention. Many conventions and conferences have parking privileges as part of their venue package. We find that it is easiest for conferences to work with these kinds of approaches, there are always exceptions.

    Do we reimburse for mileage?

    Conference planners do not pay for mileage for our sign language interpreters. The rates and quote 5 Star Interpreting gives upon your contact will outline an “out the door” cost given that your event and bookings do not run longer than expected.

    Request your Conference Interpreter Today

    If you are looking for an ASL interpreter for your conference in Utah, don’t hesitate to get in touch with 5 Star Interpreting. We’re happy to answer any questions or settle concerns you may have with your conference’s sign language interpreting. We’re quick to respond and eager to help everyone receive the effective, quality communication services they deserve. Request your interpreter today.

    Here's what customers have to say:

    "We contracted their services for our conference and the attendees that worked with them had nothing but great things to say. The attendees like being able to text their interpreter. Definitely felt the price was right for the great service we received and would contract them again in the future." -Conference & Event Planner

    "I was scheduled to present at a conference and the conference organizers forgot to book the interpreters. This agency came highly recommended by friends. Cody booked incredible interpreters who brought their best at the last minute notice. Thank you for everything!" -Conference Presenter

    "Customer service lives! 5-Star Interpreting offers personalized, efficient and caring services. Their interpreters are specially trained. show-up on time, and provide exceptional service for both the hiring entity and the individuals needing ASL interpreters. From the initial contact to the final billing, the service, professionalism and sensitivity were TOPS!"

    "Worth every penny. Cody and his team are the best at what they do. Each experience from beginning to end has been seamless for me. I’d recommend to any looking for quality." -Software Marketing Director

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