Copper Common
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The Lounge at Copper Common

Copper Common

Join us at the Copper Common for live music during the Festival. The Lounge at Copper Common will be adding a live soundtrack to the Festival in Salt Lake. Check out the artists dates and times below.


Musical Line-up

Thursday January 24 
7pm - John Louviere : Poetic, Lyrical, Melodic, Singer-Songwriter
10pm - Desk Set : Bedroom Pop Folk

Friday January 25
7pm - Doug Wintch : Folk N Roll
10pm - Michelle Moonshine & John Davis : Harmony Heavy Classic Country 

Saturday January 26
7pm - Dan Young & Co. : More roll than rock, Americana.
10pm - M Horton Smith & Co : High desert proposition folk

Sunday January 27
7pm - Andrew Shaw :  Indie Rock Solo Side Project 
10pm - Mythic Valley : Neo-folk/spirit rock band with honest grit 

Monday January 28
7pm - Shane Osguthorpe : Gritty Story Telling Behind the Piano
10pm - The Proper Way : Never the Same Thing Twice 

Tuesday January 29
7pm - John Davis : Moody Acoustic Honky Tonk
10pm - Year of the Dog : Dreamy and jazzy Gypsy-Folk 

Wednesday January 30
7pm - Josaleigh Pollett : Intimate and heartfelt indie music. 
10pm - Katia Racine : Singer Songwriter Folk Pop & Grass 

Thursday January 31
7pm - J-Rad Cooley : Blues Jazz Rock & Roll & Soul
10pm - Terrance Hansen : crossed neck acoustic guitar virtuoso'

Friday February 1
7pm - Andrew Wiscombe : Soul Stirring Americana Alternative Country Music
10pm - Sycamore Slim : Nylon Delta Twist Blues

Saturday February 2
7pm - Nathan Spenser : Community Spirituality Peace Love Music
10pm - Vincent Draper & the Culls : Dreamy, Dynamic, Dystopian Dad Rock

Sunday February 3
7pm - UTA TRAX :  Classic and Future House Music
10pm - Marcus Bently : Day dreamer/Song singer

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