Paul Sheffield

Sat, Mar 09
  • 194 South 400 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Ten years ago Paul picked up the mic. He had no idea at the time that a simple desire to be heard would turn into a lifelong passion and life altering dream. Once he found his voice he wanted nothing more than to write jokes and find stages to perform them. Over the past decade he has toured all over the country and produced 4 full length albums. His albums: “Sheffield Had it Worse”(2009), “Married to the Mic”(2010), “A Small H.R. Issue”(2014), and “Sanity at its Finest”(2018) all highlight his hilarious take on life, pop culture, relationships and dating. All of his albums are available and streaming on iTunes as well as Spotify. With each album came the desire and challenge to keep writing, and make more material that spoke to his fan base.

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