John Wesley Powell: Objects & Stories from the Colorado River Expeditions

Sat, Sep 22
  • 301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Revisit one of the most iconic explorations of the American West at NHMU as we unveil a number of artifacts collected by Powell on his 1869 and 1871-72 Colorado River Expeditions. The collection includes several original sepia drawings by noted American painter and Utah artist Dean Fausett that document and illustrate the Powell expeditions, a number of Native American baskets that were collected by Powell's cartographer Frank Marion Bishop, a Native American child's wearing blanket, moccasins, a wooden bow and its sheath, and more.Hear from NHMU anthropologists who will introduce guests to the historical and cultural significance of Powell's expeditions, the native people he encountered, and artifacts being displayed for the first time ever at NHMU. This is an open-house event with lectures from anthropologists Fred Reuss, Roy Webb, and Dave Malone scheduled throughout the day. The event is included with price of Museum admission.In partnership with Illinois State University, these priceless artifacts are being restored and preserved in an effort to promote Powell's legacy and expand these collections for education and promotion of Utah's rich cultural history.

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