Dying Fetus

Wed, Sep 26
  • 615 W. 100 S., Salt Lake City, UT 84101
In 1995, Dying Fetus self-released, promoted and distributed their first album, ‘Infatuation With Malevolence.’ In support of the album, the band toured the Eastern U.S., including a high-profile performance at the CMJ Music Convention at New York’s Lincoln Center. Dying Fetus also represented death metal as a genre on a panel at the convention.In 1996, Dying Fetus' second album, Purification Through Violence was released simultaneously in America on Pulverized Records and in Europe on Diehard Music Worldwide. The band immediately embarked on their first full North American tour, hitting 25 cities with Canada’s Kataklysm and Florida’s Monstrosity. The response to the band’s unreal live show was astounding and the Dying Fetus name began to take residence in the minds of metal heads everywhere.

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