Cabernet Sauvignon

Tue, Oct 16
Let’s dig into wine, one varietal at a time. We’re continuing our varietal series with the king of Napa, the thinned skinned Cabernet Sauvignon. Francis Fecteau is Salt Lake Magazine’s Food and Wine Educator of 2013 and 2018’s Blue Plate winner for more than a few good reasons. Francis’ wealth of wine knowledge is vast and his classes are as intoxicating as the wines that he pours. In this class, we’ll explore different regions, varietals, and production methods specific to one of the most famed varietals. We’ll discuss it’s history and how it became the darling of California. You will receive tips on how to navigate our local wine stores and how to make the proper wine selections. Try a collections of Cabs from around the world, leave with the knowledge to help make tastier selections for your preferences from then on.No wine class would be complete without knockout food pairings from the Caputo’s Cheese Cave and award winning shelves. We will impart wine pairing guidelines when it comes to serving wine with high quality specialty foods. Take good notes, then recreate the experience for your friends and loved ones!

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314 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
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