Artivism For Earth

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  • Presented By: University of Utah College of Fine Arts
  • At: Online/Virtual Space
  • , Online/Virtual, UT 00000
  • 04/22/2021 - 04/22/2021
  • 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM
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    The University of Utah's Artivism For Earth project brings together prominent artists, educators and scientists from the U campus and across the nation to create artworks informed by the science on climate change effects in Utah and globally. Unique works include:Air Quality in UtahA project that uses sonification of data to create the visuals and music with themes of traffic, wild fires and inversion based on air quality data in Utah. Collaborators: Sonia & Miriam Albert-Sobrino, John Lin, Tim Garrett, Elisabet Curbelo and Julia Corbett. Luca de la Florin, oboist.Whale Fall — The Anxiety of Climate ChangeThe words of anxiety and insecurity of climate change, expressed through a child’s voice. Composer Xavier Beteta writing music for small chamber ensemble and child’s voice based on the poem Whale Fall by Katharine Coles. Collaborators and performers are Ronak Tathireddy (The Madeleine Choir School, Melanie Melinka), Kasia Sokol-Borup, Viktor Uzur and Jason Hardink. Visuals by Audrey Lund (Digital Content Helix).Artic Sea IceA sonic and gestural interpretation of the satellite record from 1979-2016. Piece for piano composed by Judy Twedt, performed by Jason Hardink with visuals by Audrey Lund.From LossThe loss of life and impact on human health expressed through poetry, dance and music. Involved collaborators are Pam Uschuk (poet), Robert Paine and Cheryl Pirozzi (health data impact of minorities), Larry Cesspooch (narration), Kayden Denny (dance).To HopeBased on John Luther Adams’ composition Three High Places. John Luther Adams (composer), Wendy Wischer (visual art), Hasse Borup (violin).Sea Level RiseWitness the visual and sonic expression of sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay. Collaboration between composer Chris Chafe (Stanford) and Gregory Neimeyer (UC Berkeley).Climate Change DenialThe impact of climate change explored through the the dynamics behind climate change denial. Yvette Janine Jackson (composer) and Naomi Oreskes (History of Science) from Harvard University has created a piece on the climate crisis and how forces in our society tries to diminish and deny its existence. Performers are Katie Porter, Christina Castellanos, Jens Tenbroek and Viktor Uzur.Glacier and Sea Ice MeltThe sound of melting glaciers expressed through music and visuals. Mathew Burtner and Judy Tvedt are the composers of pieces for chamber ensemble and soloists about the disappearance of glaciers and sea ice in Alaska. Performers are Julie Edwards, Viktor Uzur, Jens Tenbroek, Maddy Tarantelli, Katie Porter, Christina Castellanos, Kasia Sokol-Borup, Hasse Borup and Jason Hardink. Visuals by Audrey Lund.

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    • Presented By: University of Utah College of Fine Arts
    • Dates: April 22, 2021
    • Location: Online/Virtual Space
    • Address: Online/Virtual, UT 00000
    • Time: 7:00 PM to 11:59 PM
    • Categories: Art, Humanities, Virtual
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