3rd Annual Gluten Free World Expo

Sat, Oct 13
  • 9575 S. State Street, Sandy, UT 84070
In the past decade, we have travelled all over the US showcasing events. What we learned is that we love to travel and see the world but we also learned that gluten-free options are everywhere!Having spent the last 9 years searching out gluten-friendly restaurants, hopping from one specialty grocery store to the next week after week, and joining online blogs and forums, we finally realized that we could showcase the very best of gluten-free in just one day.If you don’t have time to travel to these amazing restaurants or time to research gluten free options or time to shop at dozens of stores for yummy bread and safe household items, come join us and experience our gluten free world. When you leave, your own world will be full of hundreds of new options to taste, experience and enjoy.

Event Info

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