Racetrack Use for Riders

In order to provide for the training and competition of racing horses, saddle horses are discouraged, but not prohibited, from using the track. Saddle horse users are instead encouraged to use the arenas, round-pens, polo field, etc. Track users are required to wear a helmet and encouraged to use a chest protector while riding on the track. Track users should take every precaution to ensure a safe ride.   

General Racetrack Etiquette

The track will be maintained at the discretion of Park personnel and to the Park's specifications. Maintenance suggestions can be directed to the Operations Manager. During the fall and winter, the track will be treated as a training facility and maintenance will be scheduled as necessary.

  • Jockeys should proceed in a counter-clockwise direction for exercising horses.
  • Slower traffic should stay to the outside rail.
  • Jockeys should be aware of and communicate with other users in order to avoid accidents.
  • Owners, trainers and jockeys shall conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times and exercise courtesy while using the facility.
  • Track users shall display annual passes or other proof of payment while using the facility. Staff may stop users and request such proof at any time.
  • Check the Park's Facebook page for track schedule, or via email at ep-front@saltlake-equestrian.com or call 385-468-1600.
Saddle Paddocks 

Saddle paddocks are mainly for race day use, but can be unlocked and used with permission from the Operations Manager.  

Haul In

Users are required to have a Park pass. Click HERE for more information on Riding Passes.