Amenities Use

Round Pens

There are three round pens in the Park; one inside and two outside. Round pens are considered working pens and must be treated as such. Please observe the following rules:

  • Owner/trainer must be present with horses
  • No feeding in the round pens
  • 30-minute limit per animal
  • Dogs must be on a leash

Failure to comply with these rules may result in eviction from the facility. Horses left unattended in the round pens or arenas will be locked in by our staff and the owner will have to come to the main office to have them released. Please be courteous to all users and boarders of the facility.


Walkers in the Park are privately owned, maintained and operated. Please do not use the walkers in the Park without permission from the owner/operator. The Park rents walker space on a month-to-month or an annual basis. The cost is $40 monthly; $350 yearly.