Sale of Equipment, Property, & Goods


Horses, walkers, tack and feed are all privately owned. All other amenities in the Park are owned by Salt Lake County. The rights to any walker mount, stall, tack room, etc., cannot be included in the sale of a horse. Patrons cannot transfer or sell amenities that are owned and managed by Salt Lake County and SMG, respectively.

If an animal and/or walker is sold, patrons are required to submit a termination notice. Otherwise, patrons will continue to be billed for any amenity assigned to that horse. Please follow the vacating policy outlined in the Reserving Space & Amenities section. Sale of shavings is a private transaction between seller and buyer, but the rights to the shaving bin with shavings cannot be sold or transferred. 


The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park has manure available for pick up. Delivery is not available. Please call the office at 385-468-1600 for pick-up times and loading prices.