Reserving Space & Amenities

Overnight stall reservations for travelers available at $31/stall for the first night (includes a shavings bag), and $20/stall for all nights after the first.

The Salt Lake County Equestrian Park has a limited number of stalls for boarding horses on a nightly basis. These stalls are available on a first come, first served basis and may not be available at certain times of the year because of large events or shows. All overnight boarding requires a reservation. Please call 385-468-1600 or email


Monthly boarding is reserved on a first come, first served basis.

The Equestrian Park is a hands-off boarding facility. All boarders are responsible for full care of their animals. This includes properly feeding, watering, and working animals, and keeping all rented spaces clean at all times.

 For all questions regarding monthly boarding, please email There are several types of accommodations:

  • Stalls – Indoor @ $110/month*; Outdoor @ $90/month*
    The Equestrian Park has 300 stalls that are available for monthly boarding. Indoor stalls are located in barns A-E and outdoor stalls are in barns 100-600. There is no overnight boarding in these barns.
  • Paddocks @ $350/month*
    Paddocks are available on a first come, first served basis. A maximum of six horses is allowed in the paddock – no exceptions. Lessee is responsible for cleaning the paddock. If repairs are needed, please submit a work order.  
  • Runs @ $120/month*
    Runs are available on a first come, first served basis. Two horses are allowed in a run at one time. Modifications to runs, structures or fences are prohibited. Any maintenance issues must be discussed with the Operations Manager.

*A monthly riding fee of $10 will be assessed to each boarder.


Rental agreements may be terminated upon fifteen (15) days written notice. Renter is responsible for the full month’s fee, if notice is received at the Equestrian Park office after mid-month. See Lease Agreement for details.

  • Tack Rooms - Barn 100 @ $23/month; Barns A&B @ $75/month; Barn E @ $38/month*
    Tack rooms are rented on a monthly, first come, first served basis. Renters may choose to rent an extra stall and use it for hay and tack storage at the current stall rate. Modifications to stalls in any way must be approved by the Operations Manager prior to enclosing or changing a stall.
  • Hay Storage @ $60/month
    Storage is available on a first come, first served basis. Hay storage is limited. Those without a place to store hay may use a tack room, tack stall or covered area designated for hay storage.
  • Walker Space @ $40/month; $350/year (1 per person)
    A limited number of spaces is available on a first come, first served basis. Walkers are privately owned, maintained and operated. The Equestrian Park rents the space for the walkers. Walkers must be placed in designated walker spaces.
  • Shavings Bins @ $20-25/month

There are two sizes available rented on a first come, first served basis. The Equestrian Park assumes no liability regarding the bins. However, we reserve the right to approve or disapprove conditions of or contents in the bins. Please abide by the following rules:

  1. Shavings bins must be kept clean and tidy, including the apron in front of the bins.
  2. Shavings need to be within the walls of the bin and covered with a tarp at all times.
  3. The tarp must be secured only with a pipe on the front and back. No exceptions.
  4. Nothing else is allowed to be stored in the bins (hay, straw, etc.)
  5. Nothing can be attached in any way to your bin.
  6. Trailers cannot be parked in shavings bins. 
  • Trailer Rental Space @ $20/month (event users); non-boarders @ $50/month
    Horse and equine-related trailer rental space is available to boarders and the general public on the east or south fence, next to the overflow pond. All trailers must display a current sticker. Space for recreational house trailers, cars, trucks, boats and other vehicles is not available.
  • It is inappropriate for boarders to leave trailers overnight in any other place within the Park, except in designated trailer space. The Equestrian Park reserves the right to move trailers at any time for any reason. Trailers without stickers and any inappropriately parked or unauthorized trailers will be towed at the owner's expense. The Equestrian Park assumes no liability.

To add an additional amenity in the Park, a new Lease Agreement will be written in the office in person. Access to the amenity will be available once the agreement is executed. Moving into a vacant amenity before a contract is signed may result in a charge of $75 per day.


After signing the initial lease agreement, moving to another stall within six (6) months, will cost $100 in administrative fees. After seven (7) months, but prior to the first year of your lease, the cost is $50. Before moving, please fill out a new Lease Agreement with the Equestrian Park. Agreements between patrons/boarders are not allowed; transactions must be handled through the Equestrian Park. There is no fee for adding amenities to a current contract.


Please inform the Equestrian Park 15 days prior to the end of the month of intent to vacate any or all amenities to avoid being billed for the entire next month. Please fill out a Termination Notice by the 15th of the month or visit the Park office to give notice. Phone call notifications are not accepted.

The Equestrian Park does not pro-rate fees for vacated amenities. Billing will be for the entire month, even if the amenity is used for just a few days.


If the stall has a mat in it, lessee is responsible for its upkeep. If it becomes unusable due to neglect, lessee must replace it. If a stall does not have a mat, the Equestrian Park is not obligated to purchase one. Boarders, however, may purchase their own mats.


The Equestrian Park has paved and unpaved parking lots around the facility. No overnight parking is allowed. Overnight camping in an RV or trailer is allowed in conjunction with an event, with approval from the Event Manager. Fees apply.


Financial Information

  • Contracts are required for all Park amenities.
  • The first payment requires one month’s payment and a security deposit of equal amount. Payments are then due on the first of each month.
  • We allow a 10-day grace period after which a $10.00 late fee is added per amenity.
  • Security deposit refunds are made after clients have moved out and stalls have been inspected for damage and cleaning. Checks are mailed to the client.
  • No partial payments will be taken; all payments must be made in full.
  • When a payment is 20 days late, boarders will be sent an invoice indicating late fees and current amount owed.
  • If payment is not made within 15 days after the late notice is sent, boarders will be evicted from the Park, animals impounded and the paperwork forwarded to collections.
  • Pursuant to the Animal Boarding and Stall Rental/Permit Agreement, the boarder will be responsible for attorney and collection fees. (Salt Lake County Equestrian Park reserves the right to impound animals and equipment for public auction to recover late payments and prior debt.)
  • If boarders make changes to their stall assignment during the first half (one to six months) of their lease, there will be a $100 administration fee (per item) payable prior to stall re-assignment.
  • If boarders make changes to their stall assignment during the second half (seven to 12 months) of their lease, there will be a $50 administration fee (per item) payable prior to stall re-assignment.
  • The above-mentioned fees are not charged if the boarder is adding additional stalls, tack, shaving bin or trailer space.
  • No fee is charged if a boarder wishes to drop any item from their contract.Boarder is required to provide two weeks’ notice prior to the first day of the approaching month and sign a Release of Amenities form. The next month’s full rent will be due if the notice is not provided prior to the first.
  • If an animal is left in an unassigned stall, the owner will be charged a $75 fee per stall (additional fees may be assessed), payable prior to releasing the animal.

Boarders will grant the Equestrian Park a first lien against personal property in the Park. The Park will have the right to impound property, including any horses, if fees have not been paid 30 days after invoicing. The Park will then have the right to sell any impounded property at public auction, and apply the cash proceeds from the auction to the remainder of unpaid charges. The boarder agrees to pay any and all costs of collections, including attorney fees.


Occasionally, the Equestrian Park will be forced to take ownership of horses because their owners have failed to comply with their lease agreements. Horses will be sold to the highest bidder who the Equestrian Park deems to be qualified and responsible. All sales must be in cash. Purchase of a horse does not guarantee boarding at the Equestrian Park.

Email for more information.