Wild Grape Bistro = Fresh Yumminess!

Of all the restaurants in Salt Lake City, one of my all-time favorites is the Wild Grape Bistro.  I've recommended this restaurant many, many times to family and friends (and it's always exceeded everyone's expectations).

The Wild Grape Bistro has received many awards. Salt Lake Magazine awarded this restaurant Best New Discovery. AAA has given the Wild Grape Bistro a 3 diamond rating and Utah Business Magazine has given the restaurant The Best Kept Secret award. They have live music every Thursday from 7-9pm. Their hours are fabulous. They stay open until 10:30 for dinner and even until midnight some nights!

But what's the biggest reason why I love the Wild Grape Bistro?  THE FOOD.  Oh my goodness - it's amazing!!!

Seriously, the food is extraordinary!  My first time trying the Wild Grape, I died over my pork chop & whipped potatoes – heavenly! I also loved how accommodating the staff was. They offer an Italian soda & I was really hungry for a mint chocolate flavor. They don’t offer that, but said they’d try to make it for me. They brought out a divine rendition, complete with real chocolate & mint leaves. It was really refreshing; they should add it to their menu. The desserts were completely amazing, also. 

I also really appreciate how the Wild Grape Bistro works with & supports so many local farmers & vendors.  They really work to get as much as is possible from local growers.  The owner even told us about how the restaurant uses produce from his personal garden to supplement their menu (especially the tomatoes!).  

It is located in a beautiful part of downtown Salt Lake City at 481 E. South Temple.  The atmosphere in the restaurant is perfect for an intimate night out.  I'm salivating for the Wild Grape's food right now as I'm writing this post!!  Looks like I'll need to go back soon... yay!

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