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When it's late, take it to the Pie Hole

Friday January 28, 2011

Fresh, fast, affordable, and seemingly always open. Salt Lake City now has another spot for a bite after last call. Pie Hole recently opened on State Street, and is "throwin' dough" all night and covering it with both traditional and new topping combinations. At their low-prices, it would be a crime to go anywhere else after midnight when you need a quick and easy bite.

It's a laid-back experience at Pie Hole. A very simple, hip dining room with no frills and no pretentiousness, with plenty of space to stretch. It has a bit of a punk-feel, but you don't need to be pierced and tattooed to feel perfectly comfortable. Starting at only $2.25, you can get a big slice at Pie Hole. Slices are available for lunch, dinner, or late-night cravings. Jumbo-sized 19" pizzas start at only $13. Their S3 special makes for a perfect lunch or dinner, you get a slice, salad, and soda for $6.50.

From the basic cheese and pepperoni, to the flavor explosion of the "Peppered Up" which had red and green peppers, pepperoncinis, and red onion, there is a wide variety to set it apart from other pizza places. One of the most unique slices I have seen is their Potato & Bacon, which is topped with alfredo sauce, roasted potatoes, and bacon.

In addition to great, affordable slices, is the hours. Pie Hole is open Monday-Thursday 11 a.m.-2 a.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m.-3 a.m., and Sunday from noon to 2 a.m. So skip the nasty drive-thru food, and head to Pie Hole after last call.

Pie Hole
344 South State Street
Salt Lake City

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