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What's in the Basement?

Attics, closets, garages, basements...most of us have at least one and chances are they are full of stuff.  Oddly enough, exploring someone elses can be remarkably interesting.

I remember my grandma had a "bunker" for lack of better terms as a part of her basement where old books, nick-knacks and random items she and grandpa couldn't part with ended up.  I spent hours feeding my curiosity and inquisitiveness checking out the ordinary and interesting items in the bunker.

What then if you're a museum who has more than 1 Million collected items and you only have space to show 1/% of them in the exhibit halls?  Where do you store all that stuff ?   In a VERY large basement!

To cater to the curriosity of many (or perhaps the few) the Utah Museum of Natural History located at 1390 E Presidents Circle on the UofU campus is hosting their once a year "What's in the Basement" tomorrow, October 11, 2008 from 9:30am-5pm.

It includes hands-on activities for kids.