The Salt Lake Scene

What Lunch Style Are You?

lunch-skyscraperRemember lunch?  Yea, it was that hour long part of your day that you enjoyed with a meal and if you're lucky a few close friends or family.

If you're like many working Americans today lunch is not really a time for the relaxed meal with family and friends it was of the past.  You may juggle errands, shopping, doctor visits or perhaps the lunch "hour" has turned into a lunch 1/4 hour leaving you with few options.

In Salt Lake when it comes to lunch and lunch styles, Mary Malouf who writes for the Salt Lake Magazine has the scene pegged. 

Are you the Power Lunch type that needs to get in, get the deal done and grab a bit along the way?  Or perhaps you're part of the Ladies Who Lunch where the Dodo is a perfect fit.

Regardless of if you're seeking the Hidden Lunch, the Al Fresco Lunch or even the Drive-Thru Lunch, check out Mary's write up which has a lunch spot for any, and I mean ANY type of lunch that fits your schedule or style.

Here is Mary's take on Al Fresco Lunch which I particularly like:


To those who work in cubicles, an al fresco lunch is like being let out of the cage. Buried deep in an office or mall, you don’t even know what the weather’s like most of the day. Lunch is—literally—your time in the sun. An hour of full-spectrum light and un-conditioned air can offer sustenance greater than what’s on your plate.